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Elden Ring’s Performance on PC Still Lacking, but Patch 1.04 Helps

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24 April 2022, 22:23

Elden Ring has been plagued with performance issues since its release, experienced mostly by PC users. However, fans have noticed an improvement after installing patch 1.04.


  1. Elden ring has had performance issues on PC since its release, meanwhile FromSoftware is mainly focused on making gameplay changes;
  2. However, some players have noticed performance improvements after installing patch 1.04.

Released two months ago, Elden Ring still faces similar technical problems as on the day of its release. Even those with more powerful hardware can’t avoid them – or at least that’s how it was until now. At the beginning of the week we informed about a new patch for FromSoftware’s work – patch 1.04 introduced major changes in the balance and many pointed out that the developers focused mainly on them. However, some players also noticed an improvement in the game’s performance.

Two months after release Elden Ring still struggles with clipping

So far FromSoftware has not commented on the reasons behind the poor performance or ways to solve the problem. Many PC users complain about frequent fps drops and constant clipping of animations. There are also sudden “trips” to the desktop or disconnects, through which summoned players disappear from the game.

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ace noted by Wes Fenlon from PC Gamer, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition was similarly underperforming on PC – unlike FromSoftware’s penultimate title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which manages to avoid such problems. According to the journalist, the issue responsible for the technical problems in Elden ring may be the switch to DirectX 12. Fenlon admitted, however, that he has not yet had the opportunity to thoroughly review the operation of the game after the introduction of patch 1.04.

“Other performance improvements and bug fixes” – fans see improvements

It’s possible, however, that the enigmatic information placed at the end of the patch description (quoted in the headline above) is not just a platitude. Under the post on Reddit devoted to the patch there is no shortage of voices testing to the improvement. Some players claim that thanks to the changes Elden ring began to run very smoothly on their PCs, and crashes have been completely removed even in locations where they always appeared. In some cases the problems still occur, but the devs managed to reduce their intensity.

Occasionally, there are also statements from disgruntled users who have not seen any improvement. The best way to verify these opinions would be to know the hardware used by the participants in the discussion – unfortunately, we don’t have such information.

Some of the comments can be read below, for more I refer to the thread on Reddit.

Elden Rings Performance on PC Still Lacking, but Theres Improvement - picture #1

Source: Reddit

Elden ring – released on February 25, this year on PC and PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X consoles – instantly won the hearts of gamers who were willing to forgive its technical issues. However, it looks like FromSoftware is listening to its fans and working slowly on fixing the glitches, although it does not boast about it loudly.

How does it look like for you? Have you noticed any improvements in Elden ring‘s performance on PC?

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