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Dying Light 2’s PS trophy list leaked ahead of launch

Take a look at Dying Light 2’s trophy list with less than three weeks to go until its long-awaited arrival.

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This month marks the seventh anniversary of the launch of Dying Light. The sequel, Stay Human, was originally supposed to come out two years ago, but it’s still not there. Well, the long wait is almost over. Dying Light 2: Stay Human will launch on February 4th, 2022, and with less than three weeks until the big day, you would have to think it’s too late to push the release date any further now. Nevertheless, one hopes here.

Further proof that Dying Light 2 is now unstoppable is information on its PlayStation Trophy listing. While not yet officially revealed by Techland or PlayStation, the full rundown has been leaked and can be found at exophase. Fair warning before you click through, some of the trophies waiting to be won have names and requirements that spoil some of Stay Human’s plot points. None of the information about plot-breaking trophies is shared here.


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There are 58 trophies to unlock totaling 1350 points towards your trophy score. You will unlock them by completing tasks like activating a water tower, using a subway station to fast travel, and opening all the airdrops. There are also a few trophies associated with Dying Light 2’s co-op play, so those of you who enjoy playing solo but really want platinum will have to grin and put up with a teammate for a while.

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The biggest story to emerge from Dying Light 2 so close to launch was the reveal that it will feature 500 hours of entertainment. Techland has since confirmed that this is only for people who want to do absolutely everything, such as: B. to experience each alternate ending. The good news is that even those after the platinum mentioned above don’t seem to have to spend 500 hours looking for it. The gold Complete the Game trophy can be unlocked by experiencing any ending without having to try to get them all.

There certainly seems to be a lot on Dying Light 2’s shoulders as we draw closer to its launch. Between two years of delays and spooking potential players with the 500 hour boast, Stay Human must be pretty great off the bat and not in need of a series of fixes like some delayed major titles in recent history have required.

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