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Dying Light 2 – Techland Releases Statement on Death-loop Bug

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16 February 2022, 18:17

A bug in Dying Light 2, christened as “death-loop bug”, is preventing many players from continuing the game. Techland has issued an announcement on the matter and is working on a solution to the problem.


Techland has announced on Twitter that the latest patch (1.0.7) for Dying Light 2 is now ready for download for PC players (no word yet on when it will appear on consoles).

  1. The patch is supposed to prevent the issues discussed in this news not only in already reported cases, but also those not yet discovered by players.
  2. Also implemented is the option mentioned below: making a kind of backup copy of the save game state.
  3. It enables us – in case of problems – to go back to specific, “safe” moments in the main campaign.
  4. If we decide to do so, our progress and inventory will be restored to the state of the stage we go back to.
  5. More backups will be unlocked as we progress through the main storyline missions.

Original message


  1. Techland has issued a statement on the “death-loop bug” in Dying Light 2;
  2. The problem prevents many players from enjoying the game;
  3. Recent updates are supposed to prevent this bug from occurring in many cases;
  4. Techland is working on a solution for people with corrupted save files where the bug occurred before the patches were released;
  5. The game’s community is also looking for help on its own.

The so-called death-loop bug is taking its toll in Dying Light 2. The bug affects both solo players and those playing with friends in co-op mode. Most often it appears after the final cut-scene of the main quest “Broadcast”.

It can also happen when a guest in a co-op session disconnects us while in an area specifically designated for a mission (leaving this area ends in death).

What is the death loop bug?

  1. Some missions take place in special zones.
  2. After leaving this area the player has only a few seconds to return to it.
  3. If he/she doesn’t make it, the character will die.
  4. In some situations, eg after death, the player may appear far away from the place of death.
  5. If this happens to during the aforementioned mission, there will not be enough time to return to the designated area – which will again result in a “game over” screen.
  6. Afterwards the player will probably continue to be reborn in the same place, far away from the mission zone.
  7. If this happens, the player will be stuck in a loop of constant inevitable deaths.
  8. In many cases, the problem is not solved by restarting the game (or the console).
  9. It is worth mentioning that Dying Light 2 offers no option to manually save the game. Each automatic “save” replaces the previous one.

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Techland is working on a solution

Preventing the bug from occurring

Representatives of Techland (the game’s developer) announced on Twitter that they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix.

  1. The developers have allegedly managed to prevent this bug from occurring in the cases mentioned at the start, both on PC (with patches 1.0.4 and 1.0.5) and on consoles (with patch 1.0.4).
  2. Unfortunately, they did not fix the save files previously affected by the problem.
  3. In the single player mode, the developers have added a special option on the death screen, which guarantees the rebirth of the character in the mission zone.
  4. This feature is currently only available on PC, console versions will see it with the next patch.

What about the affected save files?

Next, the developers will take care of the save files affected by the described bug.

  1. The game will feature a kind of backup optionenabling players to return to the most important moments in the main campaign.
  2. The developers’ priority in this matter is to enable the players to reach the end of the story. After that, Techland will focus on permanently solving the aforementioned problem.

What about affected users?

Techland’s message advises players who encounter the “death-loop bug” to go to Techland’s technical support website. The developers are testing several solutions at the moment and are expected to notify the community of the results soon.

Players are not idle either

Various solutions have appeared on the web, but unfortunately none of them fixes the problem for everyone who encountered it. Many of them also only work in the PC version, such as the model that drastically increases the amount of time that the player can spend outside the mission area.

  1. Dying Light 2 – official website

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