Friday, September 30, 2022

Draven key to EDG’s sweep over Anyone’s Legend in 2022 LPL Summer Split

This was EDG’s final group stage matchup in the 2022 LPL Summer Split and the 2021 Worlds champions showed they can still dominate Summoner’s Rift. The team was able to register an easy 2-0 series victory over the out-of-form Anyone’s Legend lineup, ending their group stage run with a four-game win streak.

Viper was EDG’s star in this League of Legends series triumph. His Draven picks popped off in both games, allowing him to dominate the bottom lane and then the entire map. While his Draven did not get the best start in the first match, Scout’s Azir and Flandre’s Gragas were able to trouble Anyone’s Legend until his champion got his key items. After that, he was able to melt the enemy team easily from the backline.

It was game two where Viper’s Draven turned into a complete monster. Thwarting Anyone’s Legend’s early game dives allowed his champion to get multiple kills and assists. With the gold lead, he was able to outfarm the enemy AD carry’s Kalista, and quickly complete his build. From there, Viper became a menace on the Rift, always picking off enemy champions in teamfights. He ended the game with an impressive 10/1/12 KDA.

It was not just Viper who shined from the EDG side. The top laner, Flandre was not killed even once in both games. Even Scout and JunJia played their roles perfectly in the middle lane and jungle respectively. With this victory, EDG ends their group stage run in the 2022 LPL Summer Split with an 11-5 record.

This defeat will increase Anyone’s Legend’s worries. The team is on a five-game losing streak and has still not qualified for the playoffs. They need to perform exceptionally well in their final group stage match against Top Esports on Aug. 13. Only then can they have a higher chance of advancing to the next stage.

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