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Dota 2 DPC Winter News: ImmortalFaith Challenges Fairness of Altered Dota 2 Game Files For Advantage.

Team Tickles coach ImmortalFaith today raised concerns about altered Dota 2 GameFiles. Is that even legal or allowed?

Micromanaging your units in Dota 2 is an art. It’s one of the most difficult skills to master in Dota 2. But it seems that EU players have had an unfair advantage for some time, it seems.

Micro-ing, as we call it, is apparently easier by changing game files. Tundra Esports Offlaner, 33, has done so in the last few qualifiers.

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ImmortalFaith is a longtime Dota 2 player, now a coach. He noticed mechanics that were causing a stir in the gaming community.

So what happened

Disclaimer: In this post only the events are mentioned. The article is not intended for individuals or organizations.

The events at the EU qualifiers of the DPC Winter Tour 2022. What is ImmortalFaith worried about?

ImmortalFaith has stated that this is not a personal attack on Shapiro. This is a valid question to ask Valve regarding the current scenario.

Neta “33“Shapira has been seen strangely microte arachnids. He sent broodmother spiders one by one by just right clicking on them. This is rarely done by most gamers.

The mechanics can only be accessed after modifying a certain part of Dota 2’s game files. To be honest, this is unknown in professional tournaments.

There is only one question to answer. What is the legality of the above methodology? Is the method an acceptable modus operandi in a professional setting?

This morning ImmortalFaith posted a tweet to raise awareness of events in the gaming community. It shows the affected parts of the problem in a video clip.

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What is the real issue affecting ImmortalFaith’s game file change on Dota 2?

The first question is probably an ethical one. Is It Fair to Use a Suspicious Method?

Isn’t it more or less viewed as a fraud? Even if there are no rules, can changing the game file be considered legal?

Maybe the answer is no. But this is where Valve will have the final say.

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The next question concerns fairness. Valve has been trying to fix it since The International of 2011. The “Fountain Hook” is one of them.

But it’s a game mechanic that existed. And this is a brute force change to Dota 2 Gamefiles, whether ImmortalFaith mentions it or not.

Valve will surely respond to that. However, we do not expect any penalties for this. Hopefully everything will work out well for everyone involved.

The real question, however, is, “How many players in the Pros change Dota 2 gamefiles?” ImmortalFaith may be trying to investigate this question.

We expect a definitive announcement from Valve shortly. Until then.

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