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Director of Days Gone – Over 9 million copies sold, still a failure for Sony

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January 06, 2022, 11:43 am

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The director of Days Gone announced that the game has sold over 9 million copies. Even so, Sony still sees this as a failure.


  • one of the developers of Days gone complains the game sold as many copies as Spirit of Tsushimaand yet it was considered a failure while To get is rated as a great success.
  • However, this isn’t a completely fair comparison since Spirit of Tsushima sells brilliantly at full price while too often gamers want to buy Days gone waited for bargains.
  • What’s more To get received much better reviews.

Yesterday, Studio Sucker Punch boasted that Ghost of Tsushima had sold over 8 million copies. This result was seen as a success and the developers were delighted, unlike Jeff Ross, who previously attended Days gone and now claims that similar results from the game he was previously working on were viewed as disappointing. Ross said this led him to abandon plans to develop a sequel.

The man left Sony’s Bend studio 19 months after starting Days gone. At that point, the game had sold more than 8 million copies, and that number has grown since then. In addition, the game found more than a million buyers on Steam. In total, sales have significantly exceeded 9 million units. Even so, the game’s achievements were rated as weak and the managers went out of their way to convince the developers that they failed.

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Spirit of Tsushima was published in July 2020. With that, the game has exceeded 8 million sales in less than eighteen months of its release, which is not much faster than that Days gone. So it’s no wonder that Ross is frustrated that one game saw such an outcome as a success while the other saw it as a failure.

Of course, a simple comparison of the copies sold does not give a complete picture. Last year the creative director of Days gone complained that the game’s failure was due to too many players buying the game on sale instead of buying it at full price right after it was released. Sony wasn’t too happy with the game’s performance in the months following its debut, which suggests it wasn’t very impressive. However, Spirit of Tsushima became the fastest-selling new brand in Sony history, finding over 2.4 million buyers in just three days of its release.

Here, too, the reception of both games is crucial. Spirit of Tsushima has an average rating of 83% on Metacritic. In case of Days gone it is only 71%. It is also worth remembering that in March 2021, the former’s story campaign was completed by more than 50% of the game’s owners, while in the case of Days gone it was only 34%, even though the game had been on the market longer. This shows that the samurai adventure supplied by Sucker Punch was much more to the gamblers’ tastes.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that rumors about the Spirit of TsushimaContinuation is being developed. The plan for development Days passed 2 have been abandoned and Bend is currently working on a new brand for Sony.

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