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Diablo Immortal With Over 20 Million Installs

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July 23, 2022, 4:37 p.m

author: Krzysztof Kaluzinski

Blizzard Entertainment boasts of the number of installations, while players continue to complain about the Warbands and problems with the awarding of experience points for the Battle Pass.


  1. Diablo Immortal has been installed more than 20 million times.
  2. Players are complaining about the nonsensical class change system in patch 1.5.2 and the disastrous solutions for warbands.
  3. Users have encountered a problem with the battle pass, as a result of which they do not receive additional experience points.

Diablo Immortal ignores excessive criticism and continues to break popularity records. This time Blizzard Entertainmentboasted via Twitter of crossing the barrier of more than 20 million installations. On this occasion developers encourage players to log in and receive rewards, meanwhile, the latter continue to complain about the number of problems.

Players criticize patch 1.5.2; dispute over warbands continues

Developers of Diablo Immortal may be pleased with the financial results, but they should not forget about the community centered around the game. With each new change, frustration grows among users, which they continue to give vent to. It is no different with patch 1.5.2., which is criticized, among others, on Reddit.

  • Players say that the ability to change classes after exceeding character level 35 is pointless. As one of the reasons they cite the fact that some cosmetic items and equipment provided for a specific profession will not be transferred after changing it.. It will therefore be necessary to redeem or acquire them again.
  • “I prefer to pay for a normal character change like in other MMO games, where all equipment and cosmetic items are automatically customized for the new profession or you get a coupon for their equivalents” – AeonChaos.
  • A constant problem are also warbands, which are considered by many to be poorly thought out and unnecessary (more on this topic here). Players note that the developers prefer to encourage the use of this option even more strongly, instead of reducing the requirements for their creation.
  • According to user Pandamabear, forming Warbands makes no sense at all if you can’t count on 7 people playing Diablo Immortal regularly. Otherwise, receiving rewards often becomes impossible. AnalyticalAlpaca, on the other hand, says outright that Blizzard should stop pushing the creation of warbands and instead enable single users to perform more activities..

Battle Pass with problems – players do not receive experience points

The popular Blizzard also has to face another trouble, this time related to the battle pass.

People who have decided to purchase it are increasing report a problem with rewards in the form of experience points – although the animation of receiving them shows correctly, in reality they are not awarded to the character. According to many users, this situation also occurs after re-purchasing the service.

Diablo Immortal has its faults, but it is still successful. Is the title, created with monetization in mind, a shot in the knee, or a colossus on legs of clay, which is destined to fall? What do you think?

  1. Diablo Immortal – official website

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