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Dad Asks Minecraft Fans For Help To Play With His Daughter

The internet can be a mess, forums doubly so, but a wholesome little nugget can be found on ResetEra today as a 40-year-old dad asked the internet for help on getting into Minecraft so that he can play it with his daughter.

“Hello Era, I need help,” Blackpuppy opened. “My daughter is getting into Minecraft and I want to support her interest in the game, but I just don’t understand it. Her cousin has gotten her into it and I want to continue to help her, but I have no clue what anything is. I’ve opened the app on my phone, but I’m overwhelmed with options and boxes and a seemingly infinite number of item boxes.”

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He goes on to say that when he’s in the game, after having picked survival or creative, he gets lost mindlessly smashing things and isn’t making much progress. But ResetEra was quick to help, pointing out the key myth behind Minecraft: “You make your own fun,” ProstatePuncher wrote. “It’s why it’s so good for kids, because kids just love inventing their own little things to do.”

With that said, people jumped into specifics – punch trees, get wood, make a crafting bench, get tools, get better materials, make more tools, and so on. All until you let out your creative side and build up a fancy base, or at least “some form of shelter” as Sick Butter puts it.

Going back to basics helped a ton as Blackpuppy’s biggest problem was figuring out how to navigate a crafting bench, so people laid out the controls, sent in tutorials, and explained how to make tools and get started from the very bottom. With that out of the way, maybe he can make some progress and start to learn the ins and outs. When that happens, panda-zebra has some advice – check trophies.

Minecraft has tons on PlayStation and Xbox with new packs for each update, so there’s a whole wealth of goals to reach for in case you’re struggling to set your own. Put together a survival world and you can make it flourish by going for all of them, whether you’re farming bees, building mob grinders, hunting the Ender Dragon, or even just hanging out in a village.

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