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Cringy Santa Claus arrives for Battlefield 2042

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December 03, 2021, 8:20 pm

Author: Adrian Werner

Battlefield 2042 will soon be getting Christmas skins, including one that you can use to dress up as Santa Claus. The reactions to the new feature were mostly negative.

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DICE announced that it does not intend to use all of the prepared skins in the near future. The controversial holiday skins will most likely not be activated in the game.

It has also been suggested that these items were developed for special events in Portal Mode and that there was no plan to introduce them in the other game variations.

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  1. BF2042 receives Christmas skins;
  2. Many players don’t like them because they don’t fit the atmosphere of the game;
  3. The skins were introduced to the community during the March deliberations where they received negative feedback, and yet DICE will add them to the game.

Battlefield 2042 keeps players angry. The latest reason for fan anger is the unveiling of the Christmas skins which allow us to dress our characters in outfits that are reminiscent of Santa Claus or Grandfather Frost. The skins were added in the new patch but are not yet active and their appearance was revealed ahead of time. On the same occasion, we learned that the first season would not start until eight weeks after the game was released.

Fans reacted badly to the upcoming cosmetic items. With the new skins we can, among other things, decorate our tank and our helicopter with reindeer drawings. However, the most negative emotions are awakened by the “Father Winter” outfit provided by Pyotr Boris Guskovsky, one of the specialists in the game.

The reactions to the skins are generally poor. Some players are compare them to skins from Fourteen days. There is no shortage of Opinions that such elements spoil what is typical for the realistic atmosphere Battlefield Series. Others are upset that DICE is working on cosmetic items instead of fixing the game. Such elements are nothing new to the series – for example BF4 Snowball fights presented – but how some veterans indicated that these were optional game modes and this is where we will see those decorations in the main game modes.

Cringy Santa Claus arrives for Battlefield 2042 [UPDATED] - Image 1

Source: Battlefield Bulletin.

EA made big changes to the Battlefield Series and the teams that create them. Read more about the future of the brand in our article:

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Other fans argue that this is just Christmas fun and the negative reactions are grossly exaggerated. There is some truth in that. Many players may vent their anger at the overall poor quality of the game. Would have Battlefield 2042 Hadn’t it been such a disappointment, these skins likely wouldn’t have sparked such controversy.

Much worse is DICE’s disregard for community feedback, as reported by Tom Henderson. In March of this year, they were introduced to a number of other potential game elements. Below that were these skins and practically everyone has voiced a negative opinion about them, and yet they are in BF2042. During the same session, other costumes were also shown, including a clown and a knight, so they will likely be added to the game in the future as well

The game launched simultaneously on PC on November 19th (both on steam and origin) as well as PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. The ones who bought that gold or Ultimate Edition can play a week earlier.

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Cringy Santa Claus arrives for Battlefield 2042 [UPDATED] - Picture 2

Source: Battlefield Bulletin.

Cringy Santa Claus arrives for Battlefield 2042 [UPDATED] - Picture 3

Source: Battlefield Bulletin.

Cringy Santa Claus arrives for Battlefield 2042 [UPDATED] - Image # 4

Source: Battlefield Bulletin.

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