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Could Benjyfishy have been a professional LoL or CSGO player? Benjyfishy and MrSavage book reviews – must-read for Fortnite fans, budding gamers, and their parents

Benjyfishy and MrSavage are two of the most popular Fortnite pro players with a ton of experience and success in the game. But the rise to the pro-gamer is not easy – as the respective parents of the player Anne Fish and Johnny Troset Andersen find out.

The couple just released a new Fortnite esports guide for gamers and parents, and Anne also released a book specifically about Benjy’s journey in esports. Dom Sacco falls off the battle bus in these two books and shares his opinion in this review.

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Build It Like benjyfishy & MrSavage: The Unofficial Fortnite Esports Guide for Gamers and Parents

  • Authors: Anne Fish and Johnny Troset Andersen
  • Pages: 234
  • Approved: Out now
  • Formats: Print, e-book
  • Editor: DeeperDown Publishing
  • RRP: € 12 (e-book), € 21.99 (print)
  • Obtain: Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Book store

The first thing that strikes me about this book – actually both books – is the quality of the pages. The bright colors, stylish layout, and clear sections make it look more like a series of articles from a magazine special than a standard book.

With the latter, you might expect page after page of words, with maybe eight or so in the middle devoted to pictures. That’s not the case here – each page is visually appealing and there is at least one picture on two pages. With the text edited in this magazine-like style, the content also becomes digestible and easy to grasp and jump to a specific section.

Build It Like benjyfishy & MrSavage: The Unofficial Fortnite Esports Guide for Gamers and Parents does what it says on the tin – it covers a wide range of esports topics, from team organizations to tournaments, player gear, social media tips, sources of income, esports careers and so on.

You’d think this would make for a wide read, but the content is regularly interspersed with interviews with successful names in esports and Fortnite, from NRG CEO Andy Miller, streamer Reddysh, 100 Thieves player manager Peter Rudi Pettersen and many more, and it also goes deeper than the usual “what is a tournament” or “what is an esport” that you can find for free on the internet.

Anne and Johnny talk, for example, about the challenges of participating in a LAN esports event in another country – what logistical and timing needs to be considered and how players can properly prepare for a big event like the Fortnite World Cup with valuable initial information be able. Hand experience.

“This book fills a real niche in the market. There are many parents out there who may not understand eSports or would like to get to know better the world their children or grandchildren may get into. I will recommend this to anyone who wants to understand esports, especially parents of aspiring gamers. ”

This creates a storytelling and content style “Show, Don’t Tell” – an effective tool that is well used in journalism, for example. Guidebooks can sometimes come across as condescending or condescending, but Build It Like Benjyfishy & MrSavage doesn’t do that due to its open and warm writing style. It’s easy to understand.

Players and Fortnite fans are also well catered for. Benjy and MrSavage’s hardware, refresh rates, and keyboards are listed, along with their key bindings and more, as well as exercise, mental wellness, internet, and streaming tips (including licensed music tips and Fortnite streaming settings) to help budding gamers get set up properly. There are also regular quotes from the players who show their personality and get back to this “Show, don’t tell” writing style.

For example, Benjy says at one point: “If I could have a superpower, it would be teleportation so that I could teleport to any region and play every Cash Cup on 0 ping.”

If I had to choose, I would say this book is more valuable to parents than to gamers. Things like tax advice on esports prizes, a glossary of gaming terms, and career tips are essential read for those looking to learn more about this area.

For me, the book fills a real niche in the market. There are many parents who do not understand esports or who want to get to know the world of their children or grandchildren better. I will definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to understand esports, especially parents of aspiring gamers.

There is some overlap with Benjy’s book, such as Travel and LAN Information, but overall it is jam-packed with valuable information for parents and others, both general and specialist. Gamers and Fortnite fans may be a little more interested in Benjy’s book (see below).

Let’s go! benjyfishy’s Fortnite Journey

  • Author: Anne fish
  • Pages: 190
  • Approved: Out now
  • Formats: Print, e-book
  • Editor: Fish Emedia
  • RRP: € 10.99 (e-book), € 19.99 (print)
  • Obtain: Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Book store

Benjyfishy’s Fortnite Journey is more for Benjy and Fortnite fans, but since it was written by his mother Anne ‘mamabenjyfishy’ Fish (now an influencer herself), parents are good secondary audiences too.

This book follows the story of Benjy more closely than Build it, and is more personal to him. It describes his background and how he went from participating in bowling tournaments at the age of three to becoming one of the best Fortnite players in the UK and the world.

Like Build it, that is very easy on the eyes and fun to read. There are fewer words on each page, lots of bright, chic colors and layouts, and that in turn makes it easy to understand. It gives it a “pick-up-and-play” feel like jumping into a couple of Fortnite games for a quick content boost. These books never feel like a chore unlike some other lengthy biographies.

No, it is not the most extensive book in the world. But it shouldn’t be. Benjy is only 17 years old – his full biography, should he publish one later in his life, would be more comprehensive and full of history. The boy is young and has his whole life ahead of him, and this book captures well the life of a young professional gamer, how he came to be known, and the challenges along the way.

Let’s go! discusses Benjy’s life and the small Surrey island community he lives on. It recalls the nights he won his first online tournaments and early gaming history when his older brother Charles played with Anne Banjo Kazooie on the Nintendo 64.

Interestingly, if things were a little different, maybe Benjy could have become a League of Legends or CSGO pro gamer.

It’s official: this book confirms that League was Benjy’s favorite game. He reached Platinum 1 when he was only 12 (dear readers, I feel so bad about the game) and in CSGO he reached the Supreme rank. He also visited the CLG offices and viewed the LCS trophy there while visiting the States.

But it was Fortnite that caught his attention, seeing him walking down a street signed by NRG.

“Let’s Go! Is a solid look at the life of a professional gamer. It describes how a knee injury turned Benjy into gaming, why he chose to stick to a humble” no-ego “approach to professional gaming, his Schedule and it’s full of “fish facts,” bite-sized information to help the reader get their bearings the player knows. “

It also mentions how Benjy and the other British Fortnite pros Wolfiez and Mongraal were home schooled and challenges that Benjy faced, including the sudden shutdown of his PC at an OCE Cash Cup and Anne rushing around to get Benjy get a headset at the last minute Traumhack Winter 2019.

I think other esports book publishers can keep the above layout in mind. For a game like Fortnite that targets a young audience, you don’t want a 400-page book with a standard layout and tiny font. This makes it easy for both kids and parents to read – I will definitely encourage my wife (and young children when they are old enough) to read this, I think it would be inspiring for everyone.

But I think what I like most about these books is that they touch the heart of esports – community, competition, and camaraderie – which were captured by this maternal advice from Anne to NRG players Clix and UnknownArmy after an argument .

“Trying to fix a friendship is a bit like trying to land a triple edit one pump,” she says. “It’s hard work, frustrating, and can take more than one try.”

These parents will eSports, you are one of us and I think with these books we will see more parents helping their children become the eSports personalities of the future. I also look forward to reading your books.

Esports News UK received a copy of each book and helped promote it

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