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Complete Guide To Deathblows In Fallen Legion Revenants

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copy in Fallen Legion Revenants are powerful soul-bonded artefacts that can be stoked to summon legendary warriors. Exemplars are pretty darn awesome as standard, coming with unique stats, equipment, and combos. What really makes an Exemplar sing, however, are their unique Deathblows.

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A Deathblow can make or break an Exemplar, but no Exemplar is forever bound to the one they start with. Each specimen has a wide and wonderful selection of that that can drastically alter how they play when placed in a combat scenario. We are going to break down what Deathblows are, and how to get more of them.

What Are Deathblows

Deathblow’s art, in shorts, an example’s unique ability. They are often powerful attacks that deal increased damageapply status effectsor even reposition enemy units to allow for complete battlefield control. Every specimen starts with one Deathblowbut they are not limited to that Deathblow.


Deathblows are tied to their equipment – more specifically, their weapons. Each specimen can equip new weapons, and each new weapon will provide a unique Deathblow that ages how they approach combat. Zulfiqar may start with the ability to shield bash Slaugh, but with the right equipment, he can channel lightning through his sword, or cause it to rain from the heavens in a devastating ranged strike.

Differing Starting Deathblows

We mentioned that every specimen starts with a unique Deathblow, but that doesn’t mean that Exemplar is going to start with the same Deathblow every time you play the game. Fallen Legion Revenants is a game that constantly forces you to make difficult decisions. These decisions have narrative consequences, but they also have mechanical ones.

Deathblows are tied to your equipment – as are your Exemplars when you unlock them. It is possible to miss an item only to find them later on – however, This will usually mean they are being summoned with different equipment, which means different Deathblows. This might not be a big issue, but it does mean that not getting an exemplar at the earliest possible point in the game could lead to you missing out on some customization options.

How To Get New Deathblows

So we have discussed that Deathblows are obtained from equipment – but how do you get equipment? Well, there are a few ways. The easiest and most common way is by defeating bosses. These nearly always drop a new piece of gear, and if you take this gear to the Library, you can unlock its potential and unlock new Deathblows for your Exemplars.

That isn’t the only way, however. You can also gain Deathblows simply by interacting with the narrative and the citizens of Welkin. Most Chapters will have an NPC wandering Welkin who is willing to give you a new set of gear providing you have a high enough reputation with that person. This is also tied into story beatsrewarding you for helping certain characters at the right time. Of course, this could also lock you out of other Deathblows. If you want even Deathblow in the game, be prepared to replay each Chapter multiple times.

Finally, you can steal them. During the story Lucien will frequently be asked to sneak past patrolling guards. Some of these guards are inexplicably carrying large chests. If you hide behind one of the many pillars in the game as a chest-wielding guard walks by, you can pickpocket them and obtain Deathblows that way.

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