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Competitiveness, Presence and Emotion: Why the Pokémon UNITE Twitch Rivals tournament meant everything to indiebear

Twitch Rivals selected 20 Pokémon UNION Pros and content creators competing on December 2nd in the largest tournament the MOBA has hosted since its July 2021 release date. The coaches flew to Aeos Island to compete at Remoat Stadium, the map of the game for the five-on-five game, and split into four teams.

Unlike traditional esports tournaments, events like Twitch Rivals: Mobile Showdown ft. Pokémon UNION are known for their relaxed atmosphere, but the grand finale of the tournament was intense. Each of the two opposing squads had two professionals from TTV, the best team in the world. Everything indicated that the team at GoofGG and zugrug would beat their TTV teammates Indiebear and Lutano in the series’ decision after beating Zapdos, a game-winning goal.

The Indiebear and Lutano team tried their best to avoid extra hits, and the latter played a Hail Mary-esque game alongside Voporeon to give his side the lead. The duo pulled it off, and Lutano scored 38 points in less than 20 seconds.

They weren’t sure if the effort would be enough to win the tournament. But Lutano, Indiebear, Spragels, Voporeon and Kishtar soon realized they’d won the game by just four points in the final seconds of the goal-scoring screen. Everyone started screaming with excitement, almost simultaneously.

One of the coaches – Canadian player Inder Gill, better known as Indiebear – was particularly excited about the opportunity to take part in such an exclusive tournament. He wouldn’t have attended the event if he hadn’t quit his official job months earlier and put all his chips into gambling and streaming Pokémon UNITED Livelihood. Twitch Rivals: Mobile Showdown is arguably the game’s first big step in building its esports, and it’s also the culmination of indiebear and the hard work of its team. Within a few months, indiebear developed from a monotonous but lucrative job as a sales representative into one of the most important figures in the Pokémon UNITED Community.

However, he did not go on this journey alone. The five players on TTV – indiebear, Lutano, GoofGG, zugrug and ToonSlim – were old friends Heroes of the storm, a MOBA from Blizzard Entertainment, whose esports scene is now practically dead. The first four played under together Freedom of teamwork‘s banner; Lutano and Zugrug competed as players while Indiebear trained and GoofGG made it.

When Pokémon UNITED came out, the five friends started to grind and stream the new MOBA together on Twitch. Indiebear loved it so much that he gave up his sales rep to begin this journey with TTV when it became clear he couldn’t do both.

“I worked from home and devoted the first four hours to my old job and the last four hours I streamed,” said indiebear in an interview for Dot Esports. “If I got a customer call or email, I’d mute my stream and get my work done before I got back. I was already burned out and it was a tough decision to make, but I would hate to look back in a few years without taking a risk UNITE. “

So far it is Pokémon UNITED grinding pays off. TTV had a “ridiculous” winning streak when the game came out, and it had 15 or 16 titles. They have had so much success in the past few months that Indiebear finally stopped counting after winning the 35th tournament. Apart from the competition success, they are all growing as content creators and have achieved partner status on Twitch.

Four TTV players received invitations to participate in Twitch Rivals: Mobile Showdown ft. Pokémon UNITED this month. The event turned out to be the biggest Pokémon UNITED Tournament in terms of prize pool: $ 7,500 plus a year’s worth of Doritos for the champions – much more than any other online event.

Additionally, the Twitch Rivals: Mobile Showdown event received tremendous exposure to the professionals and content creators who attended. The action on the official broadcast lasted four and a half hours and had an average of 4,119 viewers and a peak of 10,279, according to the statistics website SullyGnome. These numbers do not include the viewers who watched their favorite player’s stream.

“I’m honest, this win felt bigger than many other wins we’ve had lately, that’s for sure,” said Indiebear. “The games were tough, they were very competitive, they were against two of my other team-mates who are also brilliant at the game. Winning this way is a moment that I will use for the rest of my life and will never forget. “

Pokémon UNITED has a semi-professional scene for the time being. The larger tournament organizers and eSports companies have not yet embraced the growing title. Indiebear was initially a little skeptical about the future of the game’s competitive scene as Nintendo is reluctant to esports and competitive games in general.

Despite the demand, it took Nintendo years to bring a professional to market Super Smash Bros. Circuit for Ultimate and Close combat in North America, and only after Panda Global, a large esports organization, got involved. But the Canadian believes that the MOBA is on the right track.

“I think the fact that Twitch and The Pokémon Company worked together to create Twitch Rivals Pokémon UNITED should be an important indicator that the game has a long and healthy future, “said indiebear.

Just days after the Twitch Rivals: Mobile Showdown tournament, The Pokémon Company announced Pokémon UNITED would join 2022 Pokémon World Championships next August with a prize pool of $ 1 million and that the best 16 teams in the world would take part in the event. The information was removed from the press release shortly after it was published, but it shows that the publisher plans to put money into esports. A stretch of this magnitude could attract esports organizations and sponsors interested in participating in the competitions on the island of Aeos.

The future looks bright for Indiebear and all of his teammates at TTV. Since Pokémon UNITEs Release, they always dreamed of having a big track to compete on and maybe next year they’ll get their chance.

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