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Cloud9 enters 2022 Lock-In Semifinals after beating CLG 2-1

Eight teams entered the 2022 LCS Lock In Quarterfinals to prove themselves ahead of the 2022 Spring Split. Cloud9 defeated Counter Logic Gaming 2-1 in the final quarterfinal game today to officially set the semifinals of the League of Legends Contest.

In the first three-game series of the LCS Lock In, C9 bounced back from a small deficit and confirmed his status as a multiple LCS champion. CLG found optimal opportunities in Luger and Poome to take down C9 through their bot lane, although action across the map and differing draft decisions just didn’t make winning by bot a useful strategy to win this series.

While Luger and Poome maintained a solid lead down the bot lane, Blaber made his presence known throughout the rest of the map. Between ganks and objective saves, C9’s jungler made it clear early on in game one that the small lead CLG was amassing in the bot lane wasn’t going to bring the team much success. Within 15 minutes, Darshan and Blaber had killed Jenkins six times while also creating two tank monsters for the rest of CLG to overcome.

Corki’s metaprevalence again became one of the biggest factors in C9’s 2-0 win of the series. After Fudge ran over the entire CLG with Corki in the first game and fired long-range missiles to melt enemy carries, the champion was immediately benched in the next pick/ban phase. In Corki’s place were both Vex and Akshan, who joined Viego and Gwen in getting game two to present all four league Champions released in 2021.

During the second game, CLG attempted to identify and fix some of the mistakes they made in the first game, and they succeeded. An early bot lane lead resulted in multiple teamfight wins, prioritizing Palafox and Contractz ultimates, and gave their top laner Jenkins the room to advance that he lacked in the first game. Two barons later, the second game kept CLG in complete control, leaving very little room for C9 to fight back.

Despite not being able to gain a foothold on Akshan in game two, Darshan finally got his chance in game three to demonstrate the impact of the textbook-length descriptions on the Rogue Sentinel’s abilities. Jinx was also handed over to the C9 squad, although he was wide open for Luger to get his hands on him, especially after two games where he had performed well with the selection. With a better understanding of their possible removal from the lock-in right in their faces, C9 used their changed composition to keep a lead over CLG throughout the game. With a lead of over 10,000 gold in tow, C9 secured one last Baron, triumphing on the bottom tier and securing their spot in the 2022 LCS Lock In Semifinals.

C9 will now take on Evil Geniuses in a best-of-five series on Saturday to determine which team ventures into the Lock-In Finals. The day before, Team Liquid and Dignitas fight for another coveted place in the final. This is also not the expected roster for C9 to venture into the 2022 Spring Split. Players and new head coach LS were struggling with visa issues, leading to this combination of academy and mainstays of this C9 squad in lock-in. The final of the LCS Lock In 2022 will take place on January 30th.

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