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capture the secret cinema arcane event

It’s no secret that Riot Games went out of their way to promote its new show, Arcane. It worked with everyone, almost literally. Riot brought Jinx to Fortnite (and also brought League of Legends to the Epic Store); it made arcane cheaters in Among Us; it brought Arcane to PUBG: Mobile; there were exclusive Arcane Magic: The Gathering cards.

Riot has also partnered with non-gaming providers including Bud Light, Fenty Beauty, and Compartés Chocolatier. It also brought Arcane into all of its own games, including Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift, VALORANT, and finally Teamfight Tactics. Finally, Riot partnered with Secret Cinema to create an immersive theater event that brings the Undercity to life.

Undercity Nights The Last Drop from Arcane
We drank – and listened – at The Last Drop. | Courtesy of Parkes Ousley

Just before the final episodes were released, Riot invited influencers and media from around the world to enter Runeterra and the Undercity through its Secret Cinema event. Streamers and professionals have flown in from all over the world to immerse themselves in history firsthand. Zaun came to life in a hidden studio in the middle of Los Angeles.

Riot and the Secret Cinema crew let us walk all over the Lower City, working with Silco to create more shimmer, with Deckard to gather intelligence on the Defiant and take control of the Lower City, with Renni and Finn to to take power, and with Vi, to the whole damn nation. There was drinks, there was brawl, and there was a lot of cheating. (And smoke, there was a lot of smoke.)

They let us solve puzzles, escape traps, double and triple cross our fearless leaders, do chemistry and algebra (bring your smart friend), run shimmer and avoid the hell of enforcers. But most of all, they lost us for an exciting couple of hours in Runeterra and the Lower City of the Arcane.

There are ten days left for the rest of the Arcane: Enter the Undercity event from Secret Cinema, which has been happening almost every day since the weekend before Thanksgiving began. If you live in LA or if you really want to fly here, you can Tickets can be found on the website. Otherwise, scroll through the Undercity below, with photos from the event captured by Parkes Ousley.

Undercity Nights arcane event promotionA close-up of Vi's fists and the Jinx minigun at the Arcane Event on the nights of the UndercityThe set of the Undercity Nights Arcane event in collaboration with Secret CinemaVis lost toys hang on the set of Undercity Nights Arcane EventPiltover's Progress Day is celebrated on the Secret Cinema setProgress Day props on the set of Secret CinemaJayce's lab on the set of Secret CinemaA close up with details of the laboratorySinged's workshop on the set of Secret CinemaSinged's workshop on the set of the Secret CinemaBenzo's place on the Secret Cinema SetJinx and Vi walk through the mist at the Arcane Event of the Night in UndercityDeckard is a bigger part of the Arcane Secret Cinema eventJinx walks through a crowd at Undercity Nights Arcane EventA character who speaks of Undercity Nights at the Arcane EventFinn and Deckard at Secret Cinema's Arcane Undercity eventCharacters fighting in the Undercity Nights Arcane EventAn Enforcer at the Arcane Event on the Nights of UndercityCharacters from the Arcane Event from Undercity NightsThe crowd going through the Undercity Nights Arcane eventAnother shot of The Last Drop at the Arcane Event of the Undercity Nights An arcane mural behind the bar

The Secret Cinema Arcane event ends on December 19th. Get your tickets quickly and don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. There is no place for flip-flops in the Undercity. Whether you steal shimmer or help shape it, you will be on your feet.

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