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Caedbel’s future as a LEC caster in the air, negotiations with Riot are currently underway

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Update (December 11, 2021): British LEC caster and streamer Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont has hinted that his future as a LEC caster is in the air.

In the past few days he has posted the following tweets:

It is understood that casters are currently negotiating their contracts for 2022 with Riot Games, both in terms of payment and their ability to co-stream (Riot does not appear to be giving casters any co-streaming rights).

Broadcast talent is typically hired on a freelance basis, even longtime presenters like Sjokz, who talked about it in this video and said it wasn’t signed either.

Sjokz said: “The discussions are going on for a while, I would like to be signed now. Last year I signed like the day before the show started. Caedrel loves streaming and has obviously done great streaming, but he can’t co-stream a lot of the things he wants. On the other hand, he loves casting, he wants to learn a lot and contribute to it. I think it’s all a bit complicated at the moment.

“Ideally, Caedrel doesn’t want to choose between casting and streaming. This is not an exclusive issue of the LEC or Riot, but I think, in general, talent in esports is not paid fairly compared to the general entertainment business.

Esports personality Montecristo added more context and information, saying the league’s casters were “in a fix” right now.

Caedrel was recently linked with a coaching move to Vitality, who just announced their LEC roster for 2022 including Alphari and Perkz. You can read more about it below:

Previous article (November 17th):

UK LEC caster and popular streamer Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont has spoken about reports suggesting he might consider a coaching role in 2022.

Dot Esports’ free agency show on Twitch announced a number of news and announcements this week, including a suggestion that Caedrel may consider a coaching role in League of Legends in 2022.

He has apparently received interest from several organizations in Europe and North America, including LEC sites SK Gaming, Team BDS, G2 and Team Vitality, and TSM in the LCS.

Caedrel said on the stream: “I received a lot of offers, I said no to many offers. I don’t know what to say, it was a very weird off-season. I’ve talked to a lot of people, I’ve talked to a lot of teams, and I’ve said no to a lot of teams.

“The reason I said no to NA (North America) teams was because I don’t want to move to NA yet, I’m not ready to move in my life. There were some really cool offers from NA.

“With the EU offers … I will not go into detail. Esports, man. Things in esports are absolute forest fires. One, two, three people know, then six, then 12, then 55, then 128, then 650 … “

The main rumor is that he is joining Vitality. But Caedrel said: “I haven’t signed with you yet – nothing is confirmed.”

Update – on November 18, Caedrel said he had decided to stick with the casting:

Here’s when Caedrel responded to Dot’s report:

Vitality is to form a “super team” consisting of players like the British top laner team Liquid Alphari and the Croatian mid-laner Perkz, who recently left Cloud9, as well as the Czech ADC Carzzy from Mad Lions.

Riot changes transfer rules for League of Legends esports players after G2 signed a contractual clause to prevent Perkz from joining Fnatic.

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Caedrel started out as a mid-laner in League of Legends before moving to the jungle, then last year Caedrel switched from pro to casting and streaming.

As a player, he was most recently at the British organization Excel Esports, where he was close to reaching the LEC playoffs a few times, especially when Schalke put down his miracle run to bring Excel to the post.

Team Vitality assistant coach Mephisto tweeted asking fans if Caedrel could finally break his curse and make the playoffs with a team in a potential coaching role.

Almost 14,000 people voted with a narrow majority that he was cursed.

Do not worry Damn it Caedrel, we believe in you if you decide to start coaching in the future.

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