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Biggest Video Game News Of The Week (January 22-28)

If you’re reading this, thank you for putting down Pokemon Legends: Arceus long enough to recap the week with us. Yes, the new Pokemon game has been dominating headlines for the past seven days. It isn’t the only thing that has happened in the gaming world this week, though.

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Developers from more studios have felt the need to let us know how long it is going to take to complete their games after the Dying Light 2 500 hours saga, and The Rock sent social media into meltdown with his latest announcement. All of that and more in the biggest news of the week recapped below.

Almost Everyone Loves Legends: Arceus

You can go back to perusing Pokemon forums and reading about Legends: Arceus on Twitter because finally, it’s here. Unless you’re not picking up a copy this weekend that is, in which case I don’t know what to tell you. Reviews for what might well be the most groundbreaking Pokemon game since the very first ones started to roll in early in the week, and for the most part, people absolutely love it. Yeah, the graphics could be better, but it sounds like outside of that, Legends: Arceus could be the best Pokemon game for a very long time. Let’s see if the rest of us feel that way after a weekend alone with it.


The Rock Is Making A Video Game Movie


There are often times when a celebrity says something they probably think is a throwaway comment during an interview, only for the internet to pick it up and run with it. That feels like what happened to The Rock this week. The Black Adam star revealed once he is done with his DC debut, he will be working on a big, badass video game movie adaptation. Rock isn’t allowed to say what it is yet, sparking wild and rampant speculation in the days that followed. Fortnite, Call of Duty, and God Of War are all ideas that have been floated. Maybe he’ll be Link in a Zelda movie. Weirder things have happened, I think.

Horizon Forbidden West Will Be Hundreds Of Hours Long

Just as everyone settled down after the hubbub that was Techland revealing Dying Light 2 will take 500 hours to complete, Horizon Forbidden West director Mathijs de Jonge has waltzed in and stirred the discourse pot right back up. De Jonge revealed it will take players several hundred Hours to complete all of Aloy’s new story and side quests. Whether you or anyone for that matter wants to play a game for that long will be hotly debated once again. Two games that will take several hundred hours to 100 percent launching within two weeks of each other- I hope y’all don’t have plans for February.

A Shorter And Less Stressful Elden Ring

Elden ring
via FromSoftware

Oh, and don’t forget Elden Ring is also arriving next month. But this time, it’s good news! If you’re only interested in playing Elden Ring’s story, its creators claim it’ll take around 30 hours to finish. Wild that we’re living in a time when a game that has a 30-hour story is considered short. The even better news is it sounds like Elden Ring might well be the perfect entry point for any of you unfamiliar with Souls games. While its enemies and bosses will be as difficult to defeat as those in Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls, traveling and the periods between those intense moments will apparently be far more easy-going than other games in the genre.

Three More Star Wars Games Coming Your Way

One of the highlights of last year’s Game Awards was the incredible-looking trailer for Star Wars Eclipse. One of the lowlights was learning it is being developed by Quantic Dream. Fear not, as Respawn has revealed it is also working on a few Star Wars games. Literally a few as it broke the news this week that three of them are in development. This confirms that Jedi Fallen Order 2 is on the way, as well as an unnamed first-person shooter and a turn-based strategy game. There are no release dates for any of them just yet, but with Eclipse rumored to be aiming for a 2027 launch, odds are we’ll see all three of them before Quantic Dream’s offering arrives.

Crysis 4 Is In Development

Crysis 4 Nanosuit Helmet

Jedi Fallen Order isn’t the only game confirmed to be getting a new installment this week. Crytek also revealed Crysis 4 is in development. Very early development, so don’t get too excited. It’s probably a long way off yet, with nothing more than very vague teasers being shown off up until now. It’s not even clear if Crytek actually wanted to break the news this week. An image was leaked ahead of time, and since the news escaped early, the studio may have asked the bullet and made it official.

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Tifa Lockhart
Italian Senate Accidentally Plays 30 Seconds Of NSFW Tifa Lockhart Video

Zoom vandalism has reached an unsurprising new low.


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