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Biggest Video Game News of the Week (December 4th)

Spider-Man in Fortnite, endless endwalker queues and of course the Game Awards made headlines this week.

Endwalker Game Awards Fortnite Spider-Man
via Square Enix / Game Awards / Epic

Many of you reading this are still recovering from a rather lengthy Game Awards ceremony on Thursday night. Lots of famous faces, lots of ads, and lots of collars on Sting’s shirt. But above all, a lot of announcements and trailers. There was enough news during TGA to fill this article, but outside of Geoff Keighley’s annual Shindig, it was also a pretty big week for video games. Players floated in Fortnite’s virtual sea, waited in Final Fantasy 14’s virtual queues, and learned more about a non-virtual version of The Last Of Us. All of that and more in our recap of the biggest stories of the past seven days below.

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The Game Awards

Instead of using this entire article to cover the biggest stories from The Game Awards (if that’s what you’re looking for, you can find it here), let’s wrap it up into one news-filled section. It Takes Two was named Game of the Year, beating players like Deathloop and Metroid Dread. There were more revelations and trailers than a lightsaber could shake, and yes, there was a Star Wars game among them. Quantic Dreams Eclipse was featured alongside Sonic Frontiers, Alan Wake 2, a Suicide Squad gameplay, and a Wonder Woman game. A really packed show, even if three and a half hours might have been a little too long.

Everyone is waiting in endwalker queues

Endwalker keychain

Whether you like and play Final Fantasy 14 or not, your Twitter timelines have likely been filled with Endwalker updates this week. The expansion started a few days ago and is going like a storm among FF14’s loyal fan base. Of course, that’s when you’ve managed to log in. The biggest perk of Endwalker’s arrival was the long lines just to get into a world. It has become such a hot topic of conversation that a reminder keychain was modeled on the pop-up window that tells you where you are in the queue.


Spider-Man swings into Fortnite

Epic took Fortnite players a bit by surprise in 2019 when it turned out that we had only seen the first chapter of the game. The island was sucked into a black hole, and when it reappeared, Chapter 2 was initiated. More than two years later and now Fortnite has started its third chapter. This time the island was turned upside down as this was the only way to free The Loop from the invading Cube Queen. The Queen is gone and the island has welcomed some new residents. The Rock, although technically it’s been there all the time since playing The Foundation and Spider-Man. Spidey can be unlocked through Battle Pass progression, and the swinging mechanic added to the game has been a huge hit so far.

GTA Online gets story DLC on the topic of Dr. Dre

dr dre gta online
about rock star

Every time GTA players think something – anything – about GTA 6, those hopes are dashed. The trilogy, the next-gen version of GTA 5 and now an update that includes a sequel to the game’s story, all feel like a way to fend off those hungry for a brand new game. GTA Online’s upcoming update is even shattering rumors that Dr. Dre recorded music for GTA 6. The rapper actually worked with Rockstar, but it was for it – not the hypothetical new game. Franklin also returns and has been tasked with tracking down Dr’s lost phone that has unreleased music on it.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is getting a major DLC

If you’ve played Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you know it’s a big old game. Even without the DLC that has arrived since launch, you can easily immerse yourself in it for more than 100 hours without getting tired of the stunning scenery and expansive map. Well, get ready, because according to a leak this week there is more to come. The leak claims that Valhalla will receive a God of War-themed expansion in 2022 that will add 40 more hours of gameplay. An update so big that you supposedly have to reinstall the game from scratch.

Joel, Ellie and Ron Swanson

the last of us nick offerman
via Naughty Dog / NBC

HBO continues to work on its TV adaptation of The Last Of Us and has absolutely knocked the casting off for the show. What started as a random reveal earlier in the week was confirmed shortly afterwards when HBO announced that Nick Offerman would play Bill on the show. For those unfamiliar with the name, Offerman is best known for his portrayal of Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation. Not only does Offerman look a lot like Bill at TLOU, but if there’s one person in the sitcom world who could definitely compete in an apocalypse, it’s Ron Swanson.

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Sexy ankles
The verdict is: fans find Idris Elba’s Knuckles voice sexy

As hard as he tries, Elba can’t help but make Knuckles sound sexy.

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