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Biggest Video Game News Of The Week (April 23

PlayStation’s new subscription service, the Mario movie, and Halo Infinite’s second season are all getting closer by the day. That’s why even though those things are weeks, months, and in one case still almost a full year away, all three of them have developed in some way over the course of the past seven days.

There’s also more Sonic news this week as the blue blur’s big screen sequel continues to break records. More on that and all the other biggest stories from the past week below.

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PS Plus Loopholes And More On What To Expect

PS Plus and PS Now will be merged this June – or May for those of you living in Asia – into a new three-tier system. PlayStation had already revealed when the service will be rolled out around the world, and this week more details were confirmed by Sony. Most notably that the Extra and Premium tiers will get new PS4 and PS5 titles every month, while other games will leave the service akin to Game Pass. A loophole was also discovered that potentially opened the door to those with both Now and Plus already stacked up to get Premium a lot cheaper for a long time, but Sony has already slammed that window shut.


The Mario Movie Has Been Delayed

Bad news, everybody. The star-studded Mario movie that was supposed to be here before the end of 2022 has had its release date pushed back. Nintendo revealed the Chris Pratt-led movie will now not be here until 2023, giving us all a little longer to wonder what the hell Mario is going to sound like in this reimagined Mushroom Kingdom. According to a leak that came after the news of its delay, both Mario and Charlie Day’s Luigi will have Brooklyn accents and will be performing musical numbers. All of a sudden 2023 can’t get here quickly enough, am I right?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 Will Also Be Here Next Year

By this time next week, 2022’s Star Wars day will have been and gone. That likely means Jedi: Fallen Order will have more of a starring role in next week’s news round-up. The likelihood that a sequel to the much-loved Star Wars game will officially be revealed on May 4 gets stronger by the day. Especially after rumors surrounding the next Fallen Order game that surfaced this week point to a 2023 release date, just like the Mario movie. The bad news is it will apparently be current-gen only, which means you’ll need a PS5 or Series X|S to play it on a console.

Rocket League vs Gravity Goal

Rocket League has pretty much carved out a nice little, uncontested corner of the video game world for itself, and has lived there for the past seven years. So much so that it created its own competition by launching mobile game, Sideswipe. Well, brace yourselves Epic, as here comes 2K. The rival studio is apparently working on a rival game called Gravity Goal. Not much to go on thus far other than the key difference between it and Rocket League will be in its use of bikes rather than cars. But it could be a welcome change from Rocket League, seven years into its life.

Halo Infinite Hit With More Delays

Star Wars Day isn’t the only thing you have to look forward to before the next biggest news of the week rundown. The day before May 4, Halo Infinite’s second season finally begins. great news However, confirmation that season two will arrive on time was peppered with quite a bit of bad news. Season two will be twice as long as originally promised, online co-op and the ability to replay missions will now not be implemented until August, and splitscreen co-op’s arrival is now TBD. The silver lining is the devs have been transparent about the reasons for this, explaining that the goal here is to avoid overworking the team to make these things happen.

Sonic 2 Is The Biggest Video Game Movie Ever In The US

Sonic 2 has been in cinemas for long enough now that everyone who has been waiting for it ever since credits rolled on the first movie should have seen it at least once. Its box office numbers are beginning to slow down, but not so much that it isn’t still breaking records. In fact, the $15.6 million it took prior to last weekend means it is now the most successful video game movie ever in the US, surpassing the first Sonic movie. It still has a long way to go to make it to the top of the same pile worldwide though, only just breaking into the top ten.

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