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Best trackers you can use, details inside

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VALORANT is one of the largest and fastest-growing first-person shooter games in the world, but it’s still fresher than 2012’s CS:GO. A large section of VALORANT’s increasing player base wants a few features that aren’t yet in the game.

One of these features is a comprehensive in-game statistics tracker, which the vast majority of players are going to require in order to advance in the game. As a direct consequence of this, the vast majority of participants in the community make use of third-party statistical trackers.

Without a tracker app, playing VALORANT, which has many do-or-die moments in every round, puts you at a substantial disadvantage against more experienced players. Additionally, there are situations in which even seasoned gamers will want assistance.

If you can distinguish between Agents and their skills, a VALORANT tracker will be helpful. When you load a stat tracker, the data you need to develop your skills, fine-tune your game, and rise higher in the rankings will be presented, giving you the opportunity to do so.

This in-game, real-time monitoring system will provide every VALORANT player a tactical advantage by accumulating player metrics and keeping them ahead of the competition.

Choosing the right agent can greatly improve your game. At G-Loot, we’ve developed software that can inform you, for each VALORANT map, just which Agent and team composition will give you the best results.

How do VALORANT Trackers work?

VALORANT monitors can help you improve by tracking your performance, and most are in-game overlays or internet services. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of information and statistics that can be provided to you by these services. The question now is, how do you make use of VALORANT trackers?

When using VALORANT trackers, the in-game overlay feature can be accessed by following these steps:

  • You can get the tracker by downloading it from the website.
  • Start VALORANT and sign in to your account when it’s done.
  • Make sure you launch the software while logged in on Valorant.

Trackers with in-game overlays provide real-time info about you, your opponents, and your teammates. Simple web tracking services can be used to check on additional stats. If you wish to examine the statistics of players or obtain any other basic information, follow the procedures below:

Check out the tracker’s homepage on its own website.

1. Pick the VALORANT option.

2. Enter the player ID or the name of the agent or guide whose information you wish to check into the search field.

Stat trackers only show publicly available information, and you can only examine a player’s stats if they have a tracker account. The vast majority of trackers permit users to sign up for an account by only entering into their Riot accounts. Those users who have private accounts will not be able to be identified, and their statistics will be concealed.

Are Valorant trackers authorized by Riot Games?

Trackers for VALORANT are categorized as third-party apps, and in accordance with Riot’s policy on third-party software, their anti-cheat “Vanguard” does not endorse any third-party program that would specifically affect a player’s gameplay in VALORANT.

Stat trackers are primarily browser-based, which means that they do not interfere with a player’s experience in any way while they are actually playing the game. Consequently, you have no need to be concerned about making use of a stat tracker that is based on a browser. If you use a stat tracker that does not conform with Riot’s standards regarding third-party programs, you run the risk of being banned from the platform.

Here are our suggestions if you’re looking to get a tracker to keep tabs on your Valorant stats.

Best Valorant Trackers Available Right Now

G-Loot, an in-game Overwolf app :

The G-Loot VALORANT stat tracker shows your kills, assists, win rate, K/D ratio, deaths, losses, draws, and headshots over time. Moreover, we have just launched the API connection to VALORANT.

This will allow players to see greater stats than ever, including damage dealt, leg shots, body shots, grenade casts, ability, and ultimate casts, victory, defeat, draws, and round results.

As noted, we took some of these characteristics to construct our own VALORANT Agent Generator, which picks the best Agent for your next game depending on team composition and map.

The data tracker is easy to use for beginners and veterans alike. G-Loot may be the best option for you, in addition to providing other benefits, if you are seeking a stat tracker that is not only straightforward but also efficient and provides a lightweight in-game overlay.

How to get the G-Loot VALORANT Tracker:

1. Sign in on G-Loot.

2. Connect your Riot account to G-Loot

3. Launch VALORANT after each game to analyze your stats.

Option 2:

The in-game overlay that is provided by is extremely extensive. It lets players track their progress and evaluate headshot and death-per-round percentages for every map in rotation.

Users will also have access to callouts that detail every part of every map in existence. This makes memorization entertaining and effective. has built-in standards for each difficulty level, so you don’t have to waste time discovering problems. Regardless of whether you are trying to attack or defend, you can choose from a number of different alternatives that will assist you in navigating the information and finding what it is that you are looking for.

Option 3: reports headshot percentages, win rates, total kills, average player score, kill-death ratio, and average damage. It’s browser-based and lacks an overlay. Users can’t record and analyze games. To access your stats and information, go onto using your Riot Account and set your account to public.

Every 24 hours, their data is refreshed, so they’re always on top of VALORANT meta. You’ll discover similar metrics to Blitz, with certain limitations. Players can improve their gameplay by researching map stats. provides global analytics like Agent tiers, pick rates, and the most effective Agent compositions for each map in different locations. is for those who evaluate VALORANT metrics without the overlay in-game.

Option 4: is quite comparable to Blitz; it may be marginally less comprehensive, but it adds a few key functions that are essential.’s highlight recorder is built-in, unlike Blitz’s. This tool lets gamers evaluate their video and fix mistakes.

It helps you discover circumstances where you failed to clutch out rounds, improving your gameplay and thinking in do-or-die scenarios. This lets gamers check or share headshot percentage, kill-death ratio, most and least used agents, win-loss rate, and hours played. may not be as sleek and aesthetically beautiful as Blitz, but it creates an in-depth summary of every aspect of your games and is easy to use.

Overwolf’s VALORANT Tracker and are the same. Overwolf’s VALORANT Tracker is integrated with

Option 5:

As can be seen on its website, provides users with access to a comprehensive collection of statistical data. It varies from other trackers since its statistics are player-specific, not team-wide.

It lists overall wins, kills, assists kills per round, most kills in a round, first-bloods, clutches, and aces. lets users see how they perform on certain maps, agents, weapons, and squad compositions.

It tells gamers how to enhance their gameplay. has a good algorithm for player statistics. User can define their playstyle on certain maps, which helps them choose the optimal agent.

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