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Best Teamfight Tactic Items | Tiered ranking lists

Objects play an essential role within Teamfight tactics, which improves the offensive and defensive stats of champions and carriers.

With everybody TFT Set, champions, and mechanics change. Set Six introduced Hextech Augment Effects that offer players a range of abilities from trait boosts and shields to attack damage and ability power increases. While there are over 100 possible effects, there are specific ones TFT Articles stand out from the pack. Offensive items strengthen the porters, while defensive items help the tanks protect the backline porters.

Top offensive TFT Items don’t work with every Set Six Champion, however, and the same goes for utility and defense items. No S-tier item makes a set-six champion a top carry. There must be synergies between the items and the champions.

Here are the best Set Six TFT Item, ranked. The categories are based on synergies with powerful champions, raw strength and flexibility.

S level Set six TFT Products

TFT set 6 lux
Image via Riot Games

S level TFT Items are the best of the best and are often listed as a best-in slot on multiple Set Six champions.

  • Infinity edge
  • Jeweled glove
  • Blue buff
  • Sunfire Cape
  • Ionic spark
  • Warmog’s hammer
  • Hand of justice
  • Runaan’s hurricane

The Jeweled Gauntlet and Infinity Edge combination in TFT Set Six is ​​a powerful combo, especially when equipped on champions like Lux, Fiora, and Jhin. Infinity Edge increases critical hit chance and a small critical damage, while Jeweled Gauntlet increases critical hit damage and ability power.

Most attack damage carriers also use Infinity Edge, but not Jeweled Gauntlet. And there are times when the combo isn’t optimal for a certain champ like Katarina. The Sinister Blade is better equipped with an Ionic Spark, which reduces the magic resistance of enemies within two Hexes, and a Hand of Justice for additional attack damage / ability power or healing.

Sunfire Cape is a solid early game defensive item that can help with your winning streak. Warmog’s armor increases a champion’s health, ideal for tank champions like Dr. Mundo and Braum. Runaan’s Hurricane ranks S-Tier because it increases attack damage and attack speed, in conjunction with firing an additional bolt at a nearby enemy – great for carriers like Yone and Urgot.

Blue buff increases mana for Set Six champions who have a low mana cap so they can cast more frequently. Set of six champions that work best with Blue Buff are Akali, Lux, and sometimes Malzahar.

A level TFT Set six elements

TFT set 6 Jhin
Image via Riot Games

A level TFT Articles are strong and flexible. These items are often solid replacements for best-in slots and work well with certain champions, depending on Patch meta.

  • Morellonomicon
  • Blackberry vest
  • Giant killer
  • Gargoyle stone slab
  • Last whisper
  • repayment
  • Veil of silence
  • Rabadon’s death cap
  • Guinsoo’s Fury Blade
  • mercury
  • Hextech Gunblade
  • zephyr

A variety of items are listed at A Level, but that doesn’t mean they’re good at every stage of a game. Zephyr and Shroud of Stillness, for example, are two of the best TFT Endgame items used to slow down an opponent, to give your comp an advantage over theirs when you’re battling for a top 4 spot in a lobby.

Tanks play an important role in defending porters, and Set Six has a good number of decent, beefy champions for the front line. Items like Gargoyle Stoneplate and Bramble Vest offer solid defenses against champions like Leona, Dr. Mundo, Jayce and Vex. The redemption of these beefy tanks can also protect close allies like your frontline melee carriers or backline units when your tanks are pushed back against an assassin comp.

Set Six contains a huge amount of crowd control that turns Quicksilver from a B-Tier to an A-Tier item, especially on melee wearers like Yone, Akali, Kai’Sa, and Fiora. Giant Slayer is a solid choice against comps that have a stacked frontline with tremendous health. And Guinsoo’s Fury Blade increases the attack speed of ranged vehicles in the early stages of a game, ideally on late game vehicles like Jinx or Urgot.

Hextech Gunblade is a healing item on a carry that also offers attack damage and ability power. It usually alternates between tier A and tier B and fits in nicely with Set Six TFT Champions like Akali, Katarina and Miss Fortune. Morellonomicon often goes on secondary vehicles like Ekko and Lissandra and burns multiple targets over time. Rabadon’s Deathcap is strong on AP-Carrys like Lux or Akali and Last Whisper reduces the armor on a critical hit, preferably on Ezreal, Jhin and Urgot.

B-Stage Set Six TFT Products

Image via Riot Games

TFT B-tier selections are often utility items and those that only work with a small percentage of champions selected. The meta can also drop an item on B-Tier.

  • Cup of power
  • Zeke’s Herald
  • Banshee’s Claw
  • Dragon claw
  • Frozen heart
  • Gloves for thieves
  • Zz’Rot portal
  • Archangel’s staff
  • Guardian Angel
  • spatula

Underestimate TFT B-tier items can cause a build to fall short without a proper secondary carry or by not building a utility item that can improve the health of the game board in the early and middle stages of a game.

Banshee’s Claw and Dragon’s Claw are defensive items that greatly enhance a front line. The Zz’Rot Portal mocks enemies within four witches, ideal against assassins, while also creating a void spawn when the unit with the Zz’Rot Portal is eliminated.

Thieves Gloves and Guardian Angel are a little weaker in Set 6, but still strong enough to reach B-Tier under the right circumstances. Frozen Heart is a late-game item that is best placed on top of assassins or front-line armor to slow an opponent’s carry. Archangel’s Staff remains a B Tier item in TFT Set of six, best suited for secondary AP wearers such as Seraphine and Heimerdinger.

Utensils like the Chalice of Power and Zeke’s Herald don’t fit into a specific Set-Six build. These two TFT Items are designed to improve a comp at each stage of a game. Both carriers and secondary carriers can also make your carrier an easy target due to limited positioning options.

C level TFT Set six elements

TFT set 6 Zilean
Image via Riot Games

C-tier items aren’t necessarily bad, they just don’t work that well within the meta. There are four C-tier items in total. Some are plausible replacements for higher tier items, while others, at the time of writing, simply don’t offer the performance boost needed to be competitive within the set-six meta.

  • Death blade
  • Titan’s determination
  • Shojin’s spear
  • Thirst for blood

Deathblade works especially well on a champion using attack damage, but it’s limited as it only deals extra damage and bumps Deathblade from B- to C-tier in set six. Blood Thirster can improve a melee attack by providing health, but Hand of Justice is a much better option.

Spear of Shojin can replace Blue Buff, and Titan’s determination can step in as an option over champions like Cho’Gath and Urgot.

D Tier Set Six TFT Products

Image via Riot Games

Since the start of TFT, the balance team kept track of underperforming items and kept them from becoming an unusable F-level item regardless of the meta. D-tier items are often passed over for better combination of components, but can still benefit a build if no other options are left.

  • Medallion of the Iron Solaris
  • Rapid fire cannon
  • Statikk Shiv

From the B-tier falls the rapid-fire cannon, an item that used to work well with assassins and melee carriers. In a pinch, RFC can work on Yone. Ranged comps that have large numbers of units in the backline can benefit from Locket of the Iron Solari, but it also locks them up and makes them easy to target.

Statikk Shiv always hovered around the D and C ranks and couldn’t find a home in them TFT Put six.

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