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Many workers are turning to standing desks and standing desk converters to improve their health and posture while their work. Sitting at a desk for hours can lead to poor posture and decreased blood flow, but standing can increase your metabolism and allows you to stretch your legs and burn more calories.

Standing desks come in many sizes and types, with some having electric height adjustment and others using a manual system. Large standing desks offer more room for PCs, monitors, and other equipment, but they take up more space and might not fit into certain offices or smaller houses and apartments. There are still many smaller standing desks available under 50 inches that can fit into tight spots and still have enough room for a computer setup. They offer the same convenience and health benefits as the larger versions, especially when paired with compatible accessories and a standing desk mat, and they are often more affordable.

Best overall small standing desk

Image: Fezibo

Fezibo’s Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk is compact enough to fit into most rooms and comes in four different colors to match the decor or furniture. It measures 48 by 24 inches (122 by 61 centimeters), and buyers can choose between colors like Rustic Brown and Black, White and Natural, Black and Rustic Brown, and Natural and White.

One of the best things about the Fezibo desk is that it has an electric height adjustment that’s easy to operate. The desk can adjust between 27.36 to 46.04 inches ( 69.4 and 117 centimeters), and there are also three presets to choose from. For a small standing desk, the Fezibo has a large 176 pound (80 kg) weight limit, so it should be able to handle most PCs and laptops without any issues. It also has lockable swivel castors so it’s easy to move around, and there’s also a keyboard tray and a pair of hooks to hang a headset or bag.

With a price tag of $319.99the Fezibo desk is reasonably-priced and has an electric adjustment system. It also has additional convenience features like hooks and castors to move it around and is comfortable whether you’re sitting or standing.

Image: Lifespan

As its name suggests, the LifeSpan Fitness TR1200-Power (DT7) Treadmill Desk is one of the best standing desks for fitness because it has a built-in treadmill. Buyers can pick between the 38 or 40-inch options, and it’s available with a gray or black desktop and a black or silver frame.

The treadmill feature makes it easy to exercise while you work, and it comes with a 2.25 horsepower motor that can push the treadmill between 0.4 and 4.0 miles per hour (0.6 to 6.4 kilometers per hour). It also has a large 350 pound (158 kg) weight capacity to accommodate most users and an app-controlled step counter to monitor your workout and track your progress.

Compared to the Fezibo desk, the LifeSpan Treadmill option has a basic design without a keyboard tray or other convenience features. It still has an electric height-adjustment system than can raise or lower the desk between 27.5 to 50.5 inches (70 and 128 centimeters).

There’s no doubt that the LifeSpan Fitness TR1200 is more of a niche desk designed for people who are into fitness. It’s also a bit bulky, and its top speed is only good enough for fast walking and not running. while the $2899.99 cost might be high, it includes a desk and a treadmill in one, and it may be difficult to put a price on the health benefits.

Best L-shaped small standing desk

Image: Banti via Amazon

One of the best ways to maximize space is to have an L-shaped desk that can fit into a corner. the Banti Dual Motor L Shaped Electric Standing Desk has an electric height adjustment system, and it comes in four color options, including Rustic Brown, Black, White, and Bamboo.

This standing desk offers 48 inches of space and comes with an additional wooden stand to hold a monitor and a hook for headsets. It can adjust between 27.6 and 47.3 inches (70.1 and 120 centimeters), and three presets are available. Despite having a different shape, the Banti standing desk has the same 176 pounds (80 kg) weight limit as the Fezibo option, and it should handle most PCs or laptops without a problem.

At $314.59, the Banti standing desk is in a similar price bracket to the Fezibo and has similar features like an electric adjustment system and headset hook. The Banti may be better for smaller spaces, but it only works well in corners because of its shape.

Best value small standing desk

Image: NS direct

Buyers looking for similar features for a lower price might like the NSdirect Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk. It matches the 48 by 24 inch (122 by 61 centimeters) size of the Fezibo desk, but it comes in at a significantly lower price.

Despite its lower price, the NSdirect includes an electric height adjustment system ranging between 23.2 to 45.3 inches ( 59 to 115 centimeters) and four presets to choose from. It also has the largest weight capacity of any desk on this list at 264 pounds (120 kgs) and comes with a headset hook and a storage basket for other items.

NSdirect’s standing desk is affordable at $259.99, but it only comes in one color and doesn’t have any casters to move it around. It’s still a worthwhile option for users looking for great value, and it’s the best for heavy equipment.

Best small standing desk for tight spaces

Image: Klvied via Amazon

Some buyers have limited space, and 48-inch standing desks might be too big to fit in their home or office. The Klvied Mobile Standing Desk is much smaller at just 23.6 by 11.8 inches (60 by 30 centimeters) and comes with castors to move around easily.

To save space, the desktop on the Klvied standing desk is split into two independently adjustable parts. They can work as one big surface or the one in front can move down or tilt to work as a keyboard stand. Users can also manually adjust both levels up and down between 27.5 and 45.3 inches (70 by 115 centimeters) depending on whether they want to sit or stand while they work. For such a small desk, the Klvied also manages to fit a headset hook and a removable cupholder, so there’s no worrying about spilling drinks on your keyboard.

Costing only $69.99, Klvied’s standing desk offers impressive value and includes a manual adjustment system with a headset hook and cupholder. Its compact size is an advantage for users with limited space but is also a disadvantage for users with bigger monitors or computers.

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