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Best beginner tips and tricks

Exo One is a strange and mysterious sci-fi adventure where you take on the role of a sentient alien spacecraft around the various moons of Jupiter and through the atmosphere of Jupiter itself. Telling the ambiguous tale of a lost space crew who were sent on an important mission to Jupiter, it’s clear not all is as it seems.

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It’s hard to describe Exo One simply because it’s an offbeat, surreal, and mesmerizing experience where you play as this small sphere-like spacecraft in large momentum-based platforming sections. Learning to control your craft while guiding yourself carefully to the strange beacon of light in the distance is your main objective. The following tips should help you get to grips with this interstellar adventure.

Updated on June 23rd, 2022 by Geoffrey Martin: Exo One is a vast and expansive game, one that allows you to thoughtfully take in the sights and sounds of the alien planets you find yourself thrust into. The lack of pressure makes Exo One a great game to enjoy as a relaxation experience, however, there are also plenty of moments of mystery and suspense. The game continues to evolve and unfold as you traverse its cosmic landscape. This list is being fleshed out with a couple more things to consider when you are first delving into the game.


8th Explore The Vast Ancient Alien Ruins And Structures

As you move about each new planetary location, you will be meant with new discoveries around each and every slope. The way this game keeps you moving forward but always gives you just enough tantalizing tidbits of environmental detail off in the distance is nothing short of top-notch game design.

Exo One encourages you to explore, even if the stages themselves are mostly linear, slowly guiding you from point A to point B. It’s the journey to this destination in each stage that makes this game so special. As you move further into the cosmic journey, be sure to head toward any alien ruins and structures you see in the distance. Doing so will often reward you with bits of mysterious lore and potentially a new traversal option in that stage.

7 Seek Out Fire And Water Spouts

Since Exo One is really a game all about moving through space, it should come as no surprise that some later stages offer you different ways to stay aloft without having to head back down to earth to regain velocity and momentum. For example, some earlier stages allow you to seek out fire or water spouts dotted across the planetary landscapes.

These geyser-like attractions are quite remarkable in terms of presentation, often showing up near a volcanic region or a nautical planet respectively. If you find yourself losing momentum, with gravity pushing you back down to the surface, simply head toward one of these fire or water spouts to blast yourself back up into the ether.

6 Understanding the Role of Gravity

The entirety of your time playing Exo One centers around gravity or the lack thereof. Depending on how the type of environment you are moving through on each moon, or on Jupiter itself, gravity plays a vital role in moving forward, both literally and figuratively. Simply put, always use gravity to your advantage.

Your spacecraft is able to shift its gravity at any time. If you find yourself losing momentum, simply hold down a button to push yourself into the ground, typically on a slope. You then want to let go of the button as you are heading up an incline. If done correctly, you will zoom out into the sky with incredible velocity, able to make it across the alien landscape below you.

5 Soaring Through The Skies

The best way to stay mobile in Exo One is by taking to the skies. If you utilize your gravity correctly then you should be able to stay aloft for quite some time. Once you are soaring through the alien skies you have a few options at your disposal. At any time you can simply use gravity to increase it tenfold to bring yourself back down to earth if the need arises.

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However, the best gameplay option is to glide and then drop a bit to increase speed. By doing this over and over again, you are able to stay soaring for a good deal of time. This won’t last forever since you are still slowly falling back down to the surface. Be sure to time your descent so you can land on a slope.

4 Planning When To Dive

As mentioned in the last point, soaring through the skies as your spacecraft is vital, however, it’s probably more important to know when to play your dives. Each moon and planet’s surface is varied. While the game starts out by offering you many slopes to roll down to increase speed, later stages aren’t quite as simple as that.

The rule of the thumb here is to always think one step ahead. Always be looking off into the distance to know what structures are coming up on the horizon. You should always plan a big dive when a large slope is ahead. Plus, if you gain enough speed you can even break the sound barrier.

3 Watching Your Energy Level

In order to maintain momentum in Exo One, you always need to be aware of your energy level. Your energy level is cleverly integrated right into your alien spacecraft. Your craft glows when you are completely full of energy, but, as it depletes, the glow starts to fade away.

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Watching your energy level is critical to continuously moving forward in this game. Anytime you land back on the ground you are able to regain energy, that is until you start to increase your gravity or soar through the skies. You can find a good balance of maintaining energy consumption by mixing up how you move through each stage.

2 Find Power Increase Spheres

Strewn across the various moons and planetary surfaces are ethereal power increase spheres. These spheres, upon collection, increase your overall power and lessen energy consumption. Simply put, you will want to find as many of these power spheres as possible. Typically there are easy to spot but never easy to reach.

Most of these power spheres are located atop a large structure just out of reach. Unless you plan way ahead, you will need to find a source of energy to guide you to the sphere itself. Fortunately you can backtrack at any time so don’t fret if you pass one up by mistake. Learning to guide your momentum will help with collecting these spheres.

1 Slipstreams Are Vital

As you move from stage to stage in Exo One the game introduces new traversal mechanics. One such mechanic is the introduction of powerful slipstreams. These glowing streams of power will effortlessly take you across a large swath of land. These are very easy to spot off in the distance since they often break out into the sky or even out of weather conditions.

By entering a slipstream, you are able to soar through it at blazing speeds, coming out on the other end with enough momentum to stay aloft for quite some time. Often these slipstreams are near power spheres, so always keep an eye out for one in the distance.

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