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Beginner Tips And Tricks For SpellForce 3 Reforced

Having launched in December 2021, SpellForce 3 Reforced is an updated version of the original SpellForce 3. Reforced adds new game modes, better graphics and AI, and mechanics from the DLCs integrated into the base game. It was a free upgrade for PC players and a new release on consoles, so plenty of new and returning players flocked to it upon release. Mixing RTS and RPG elements, while not new, is done expertly in Reforced.

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While the standard RTS fare of resource management and unit creation on large maps is present, Forced also gives you a party of four heroes to fight in the maps that you control much more intimately. This mashing of elements occasionally overwhelms newcomers and can make the game harder thanks to an overflow of information.


6 You Can Use Button Combinations To Quickly Issue Orders In Combat

Even though SpellForce 3 Reforced isn’t a typical RTS game, it still has many shared aspects with other games in the genre. With plenty of games attempting to mix genres like SpellForce 3, it can become easy to notice similarities between this game and others. One of those things to be aware of is the numerous button combinations you can use to help yourself in combat. Originally a PC game before making the jump to consoles, Reforced has new controls specifically made for controllers that should keep the flow of combat going.

Needing to control four different Heroes along with any units you generate can get overwhelming fast. Some options include fast-switching to your Heroes in combat or creating groups of units and assigning a button to them for rapid control of the battlefield. Take the time and read through your control options—it’ll save you plenty of headaches.

5 You Shouldn’t Forget Your Main Base

It’s easy to give all your attention to a few main squads and units that are doing particularly well but don’t forget about your base. Not only should you keep several strong units in the area in case of a sudden attack, but continuously upgrade your base and ramp up resources, or else the more protracted battles will end with a loss.

You could run out of resources, or your units could lose a critical fight, and spawning new units would take far too long, so you lose the war altogether. Defense is just as important as offense, so don’t only prioritize one or the other.

4 You Can Use The Enemy Info Screens

If you’ve played any turn-based strategy games, you’ll have experience with this one. Instead of blindly throwing your units at enemies, take the time to read through their stat screen and check things like attack stats and HP. You can also see what moves and effects they have at their disposal, so you’re not caught off-guard.

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The more you make use of the wealth of information offered in each fight about any unit, the better you’ll do. Eventually, you’ll be able to recognize unit matchups on sight, but don’t be afraid to spend that extra time studying the enemy.

3 Don’t Ignore Godstones

Godstones are a game changer. You can use them to teleport units across the entire map, depending on their location. Clever use of these stones can lead to surprise attacks or help your units retreat when a battle isn’t going their way. That being said, poor use of the Godstones could lead to blunders and lost territory.

Try to work these useful tools into your strategy, and you should see improvement. Teleporting isn’t the only thing Godstones can do, though, as they also have their own resource known as shards that help you out in battle too.

2 It’s An RPG As Well As An RTS

When not participating in story missions or skirmishes, you should absolutely take the time to complete side quests and explore the map. Your downtime is limited so explore as much as you can, whenever you can. You can find new loot, rare items, secret enemies, and bonus rewards to help you in combat.

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Outfitting your heroes with extra gear will help them become more of an overwhelming force on the battlefield—along with allowing them to not be taken out too easily in combat. Don’t be afraid to use these side quests to test out new strategies for your heroes too. After all, like any good strategy game, there isn’t a single strategy that will help you beat the game.

1 You Should To Evacuate When Your Territory Is Being Attacked

When the enemy is attacking your territory, and it looks like either you’re going to lose it for whatever reason, evacuate. You can remove all the resources generated into a building in a different area so your enemy doesn’t get as much as they wanted and so you don’t lose as much as you could.

Just letting the enemy have everything you’ve generated will only hurt you, so keeping in mind the ability to evacuate means you can have escape routes planned. Nothing hits harder than finally saving up for an upgrade and losing half of the materials gathered in a sudden attack.

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