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Beginner Tips And Tricks For Hearthstone

Card games like Magic: The Gathering or anything adjacent to it thrive off of multiple layers of complexity that build off a simple foundation. A good one in the genre has enough mechanics and rules to make it engaging for veterans, while still being approachable for newcomers. Still, it is always best to know a thing or two before going in.

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Hearthstone is Blizzard’s takes a lot of inspiration from Magic, but slaps a Warcraft theme on to it. The rules are simple, and the UI guides you along to know what to do moving forward. Before jumping into the battlefield with your deck, you should prepare yourself to be best suited for victory.


7 Understand the fundamentals of the genre

If you played anything from Yu-Gi-Oh! to Magic, you should understand summoning, mana, and other mechanics. However, for those unfamiliar, you could get a little lost on what everything means, even though the game is straightforward with its approach.

To break it down for simplicity’s sake, Hearthstone is a turn-based card game where you must deplete the other player’s health. You take a turn and draw a card at the start. You start with a set number of mana crystals, and with each turn, you gain one extra until you reach ten. Each hero (your character) has a unique ability, which also uses mana. From there, strategize how you want to play and keep an eye on your mana.

6 Look Beyond Attacking

When any game is about defeating the opponent by knocking their life to zero, you may see red. Don’t get too bloodthirsty, as attacking is not always the best approach. With so many minions and spells, you have a variety of ways of tackling each turn.

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For one, each minion has its number of health and attack, indicating how much damage can be dealt and taken. Some have abilities that can be supportive of your other cards, support your hero, or make life harder on your enemy’s hero or minions. Spells have all sorts of capabilities, so that you can do all of that through magic too.

5 Card Order Matters

For people who are new, you may not think about the order in which you play your cards when it is your turn, but strategy is key with everything. If you play it right, you can get in devastating combos or support a play by having something cast in front of it.

Spells, abilities, and persistent effects are all things to consider the order in which you should play them. A minion might have charge, meaning it can attack right away without waiting a turn. You could attack right away, but if you have a Divine Shield, the shield takes the hit for you to do damage without taking any. Planning out your plays and making sure you can cast both your minion and a Divine Shield could be crucial to getting a decent attack in.

4 How To Obtain New Cards

Hearthstone is about building a deck and then evolving it over time as you get new cards. You could spend your money as there are microtransactions, but for those who would rather not, there are natural ways to unlock new cards.

The most basic and easiest ways are leveling up, completing daily challenges, and going through free adventures. On the competitive side, you have ways to earn packs too. Ranked, Challenge modes, Tavern Brawl, and Arena are great but more challenging ways to grow your arsenal. You can even ‘dust’ cards – break them down into resources to make ones you want more.

3 Pick A Theme

Your hero and deck should have a cohesive theme. Magic players understand this well by having one or two blends of colors to create a well-rounded deck. Hearthstone is no different.

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Playstyle is important, so experiment to find what works for you. You could set up a Hunter deck with all kinds of animals, or a Magic deck with spells. Start small, then expand those ideas. You picked a Rogue, but what kind do you want to be? It gets into RPG territory in some ways. To make it simple, you can easily find the meta builds online to help you navigate what will work for you.

2 Smart Deck Builder Might Not Be All That Bad

When starting, building your deck from scratch can be overwhelming. Game knowledge is a huge factor in making the right decisions for an effective build. Fortunately, Hearthstone has a Smart Deck Builder that can make a deck for you, and it could turn out powerful.

Smart Deck Builder is a feature that automatically fills the 30 card slots to make the deck. All you have to do is select “Complete My Deck” or “Done” for it to work. The theme it creates will consider what you already have and make something hopefully to your liking. Try it out and see if it fits you. Even if it doesn’t, it is a helpful way to learn what to do or not do when crafting your loadout.

1 Play Different Formats For Fun And Experience

You can play against other players or the AI, and both avenues have plenty of modes to fulfill you as you learn how to play with different benefits from each. It also comes in handy when you get bored of one thing and need something else to freshen up the experience.

If you are a competitive person, then for PvP, you can dive into formats like Classic, Standard, and Wild. Mercenaries and Solo Adventures will pit you against NPC opponents. Across the four modes and the subsets as seen in PvP, you should have enough to keep you engaged.

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