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The older I get, the more appreciation I have for “cosy” games, which in layman’s terms, is any game that doesn’t feel like work. It’s a game you can picture yourself playing on a cold night while wrapped in blankets and drinking a warm cup of coffee… with little marshmallows on top because you aren’t dead inside. So when I first saw Bear and Breakfast, I was sold. A cutesie, “cosy” game about a bear who runs his own air BnB? SOLD.

However, mere minutes into the game, I realized that mistakes were undoubtedly made. Not only was Bear and Breakfast stingy on the cosy, but it was also too giving on the help. And by giving too much, I mean it grabs you, pins you down, and repeatedly slaps you across the face with it, a trauma that little marshmallows did very little to mask.

Bear and Breakfast - An Unbearable, Yet Cute Management Sim

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It wasn’t long before I found myself loathing the dialogue parts of the game and doing everything in my power to avoid them, which also meant stinting myself in the game – it’s truly a no-win situation. It’s hard to express just how tiresome the dialogue in-game truly is. The jokes are unfunny the first time you read them and unbearable (get it?) the hundredth time. Almost every conversation can be summed up as follows: You: I BEAR. Subject: I NOT A BEAR. You: WE NO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER. Topic: WE NO COMMUNICATE GOOD. Both of you: HEHEHE.

But to say that Bear and Breakfast’s only downfall is the dialogue wouldn’t be honest. The building part of the game isn’t all that either. Instead of letting me go crazy and craft until I ran out of resources or money, it’s so structured that there is very little in the form of a wiggle room. And for a game that so heavily relies on stringent THIS then THAT rules, seemed very little to matter.

I first noticed this when it came to dialogue options. Often I would be asked to choose my dialogue, but the outcome would be the same regardless of my choice. Then when it came to my BnBs, a big hoo-hah is made about keeping guests happy. You do this by filling your place to the brim with STUFF like you’re playing through an episode of hoarders. However, I’m not convinced that doing this matters because I soon realized my guests were dropping 5-star reviews like it was their only option, and in truth, I’m still not confident that these reviews do anything to alter the game in any meaningful way, regardless.

Bear and Breakfast - An Unbearable, Yet Cute Management Sim

Bear and Breakfast


Bear and Breakfast is, at its core, a linear game and one that does very little to try and hide or disguise this fact. If completing dull quest after dull quest is your idea of ​​fun, then sure, give it a try. But if you’ve eyed this game and you’re hoping to explore the world, create to your heart’s desire or be absorbed in the management parts, then you will be sorely disappointed.


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