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Base Battles Codes – Redeem For Free Tokens

Get the latest Base Battles codes here and redeem them for tokens to purchase new weapons, vehicles, and gear. We check our codes regularly!

Get the latest Base Battles codes, a fun multiplayer game in Roblox where you have to work with your team to defeat the enemy players in 20v20 shooting game action! Cruise around and take them down with a variety of weapons! You can spawn vehicles and try to take objectives from the other team, as well as use these tokens (which you can redeem these codes for) to buy new upgrades and gear. Love Base Battles? Then you’ll probably enjoy Oil Warfare Tycoon or Military Tycoon.

We’ve collected the most recent and updated codes for Base Battles and instructions on how to redeem them. It’s a bit trickier in Base Battles, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are the codes.


We added a new code on Aug 17, check it out below.

All Base Battles Codes

Here are all the working codes in August 2022.

codes awards
250k Free tokens!
TOTAL 50k tokens
200K 35k tokens
150CLIKES 25k tokens
POCKET ACTICS 10k tokens

Roblox codes are case-sensitive so make sure you enter them exactly as you see them above!

expired code

Here are the expired codes for Base Battles.

  • 100CLIKES – 15k in-game tokens
  • TURKEY – 7,000 in-game tokens
  • FIGHTER – 8,000 in-game tokens
  • MYSTIC – 14,000 in-game tokens
  • DEVKING – 3,000 in-game tokens
  • ARCTIC – 4,000 in-game tokens
  • BETA – 1,090 in-game tokens

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How To Redeem Codes In Base Battles

You can enter codes into Base Battles super easily.

  • Navigate to the box at the bottom of the main menu and enter the code
  • You need to hit “Redeem” between each code entry otherwise the box won’t let you type the next code
  • Just hit redeem, and your tokens should be added to your account

If the code doesn’t work, you may need to check that you’ve entered it correctly. Copy and paste directly from our list to get around this problem. If the code still doesn’t work, it’s because it’s expired, and you’ll need to check back soon for new codes.

How To Get More Base Battles Codes

You can follow the official Base Battles Twitter account (@BaseBattlesRB) for updated info on codes and new content. Alternatively, check out the game’s Discord for community info and more exclusive codes. Remember, we do post all the codes here for you.

What Is Base Battles?

Base Battles is a 20v20 Roblox game developed by Voldex that involves loads of shooting and vehicles. Each team has a selection of cars they can use, although there are also some planes you can get your hands on. It was released in 2020, and it has since been visited almost 25 million times and usually has around 5,000 active players.

Latest update

The latest update for the game added the powerful and slick Light Bike, like something straight out of Tron! Visit the official game page here to jump in.

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