Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Astralis secures the BLAST World Final place with the victory in the autumn final against the FaZe-Clan

Astralis advanced through the lower category of the BLAST autumn finals after their victory over the FaZe clan, thrilled the Danish audience and secured their place at the BLAST world finals in December with their redesigned roster.

Astralis got off to a hot start at Mirage, picking up the gun and building the lead on the back of huge consecutive rounds of new signing Lucky. The Danes won six in a row before FaZe hit the board with an unlikely eco, but the Copenhagen fans only got louder when Astralis bounced straight back, building a big lead on their CT side. Astralis took the lead with 12-3 at halftime, 20 and 18 came from accused F and Lucky.

FaZe won a much-needed gun round to start their CT half and keep the crowd from getting louder. FaZe reduced the lead to 12-8 before a K0nfig clutch gave Astralis their first T-side lap. But FaZe immediately bounced back, with a Twistzz Rain Connector game that crippled Astralis and broke the Danish bank. Astralis eventually reached its 14th round by countering FaZe’s Connector game. BlameF ended a successful Mirage return with 30 Frags for Astralis, who hadn’t played the card since 2019.

The rain started hot on nuke and with that momentum FaZe drove to a quick 5-0 lead on their CT side. Astralis came on the board with some Deagle exploits from Lucky, but FaZe consistently relied on rain for entry kills with the veteran able to deliver. Rain finished the first half with 22 kills, which triggered FaZe’s 11-4 lead at halftime.

Twistzz made the task a lot tougher for Astralis with a triple kill on FaZe’s T-sided pistol round. Astralis was unable to string together the consecutive rounds of CT it needed to really fuel a comeback attempt when FaZe rolled over Astralis on Nuke 16-6. Rain ended up with 26 kills and only 10 deaths, with Karrigan also getting 20 kills.

A nearly flawless round of pistols from Astralis at the start of their CT page of Dust2 sent the Copenhagen audience into a frenzy. FaZe fired back with two rounds in a row won via opening duels, but Lucky again delivered in a crucial early round with a massive impact on B. K0nfig followed up with an AWP quad kill on the A-site, which allowed Astralis to continue building a big lead at halftime to 11-4.

FaZe reduced Astralis’ lead to 11-8 before Lucky brought Astralis onto the board in the second half and won a close one-on-one against Twistzz. Then Astralis got lucky by challenging Broky’s AWP and surviving, increasing their lead to 14-8. A brave quad kill by k0nfig brought Astralis to the match point and gla1ves AWP finally drove the dagger into FaZe.

The results so far at the autumn finals must make the people at Astralis camp happy. In their first tournament since their big swap, they defeated former superstar dev1ce and his NiP allies before beating FaZe today, even with both of them Fault F. and gla1ve play under the weather. With teams still in the running in Copenhagen and already qualified for the world finals, Astralis has now secured a spot for December regardless of how the rest of the fall finals develop.

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