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All Wonder Woman Video Game Appearances, Ranked

Wonder Woman is one of those characters everyone has heard of, who’s instantly recognizable in a heartbeat. She’s made the journey through all types of media and continues to get consistent releases to this day. First created for DC back in 1941, Diana found her footing almost straight away as others began to resonate with what she stood for, quickly springing into the most popular female comic book character at the time.

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Whether the stories focus on widespread alien battles and wars across the multiverse or stay close to their sleeve with personal hometown mysteries, Diana can always help to make the situation better.

Some games won’t be included regarding their target audience pertaining to younger players, among other reasons such as never making it mainstream and so having little to go on when ranking appearances. We have also not included Justice League Task Force, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, due to the ongoing lawsuits and serious issues the company faces.


18 Justice League: Injustice For All

Launching for the Game Boy Advance in 2002, Justice League: Injustice For All didn’t do justice for Wonder Woman at all. Or many of the other characters, for that matter.

It’s undoubtedly her weakest entry thus far, as the gameplay does little to bolster Diana or explore her Amazonian powers.

17 Justice League: Chronicles

Another game based on the Justice League animated series, Justice League: Chronicles, sees Superman and Wonder Woman as playable stars in its final stage.

Switching between these two characters feels excellent; Unfortunately, combat does not. Fighting is bottled down to simple punches, lacking much else.

16 ​​​​Arena Of Valor

Arena of Valor is a free-to-play mobile and console game available on Android, iOS, and Switch. Like others of its kind, you proceed through the game by fighting waves of enemies.

Diana isn’t terrible in this game, but its lack of widespread access compared to her other appearances and underdeveloped gameplay abilities bring it down a little. However, how well Diana’s outfit was executed here can’t be understated.

15 DC Unchained

DC Unchained has the advantage of implementing the Amazons into Diana’s fighting abilities, where she can call on her sisters to aid in battle. This is rarely seen elsewhere in Wonder Woman’s game lineage.

Her range of combat skills is well-rounded, making use of her weapon arsenal and personal strengths. However, the game itself and the characterization of Diana bring this version down quite a bit as there’s very little to portray her accurately.

14 Infinite Crisis

To begin with, Infinite Crisis barely had a shot since its lifespan was a few months at best, releasing and closing its servers in 2015.

From the little footage remaining, it seems Diana was one of the best fighters in the game. Her fighting style included melee hits with a lasso, sword, and shield and blocking gunfire with her bracelets.

Infinite Crisis never got due time to explore Wonder Woman further, but what we did get showed potential.

13 DC Legends

For a free-to-play mobile game, DC Legends isn’t half bad. You can play as virtually anyone in the DC Universe while showing off their iconic outfits and beating up landmark baddies. So what makes this version of Diana underwhelming in comparison to most?

What DC Legends makes up for in quantity, it lacks in variety. Attacks are mostly the same for everyone meaning there’s no real incentive to choose Wonder Woman specifically.

12 LittleBigPlanet 2

You get to play as Diana in sack form. Enough said.

You also get to play as characters Cyborg, Batman, and Superman, among others of the DC Universe. Unfortunately, since it is merely a skin in LittleBigPlanet 2, there isn’t much-explored story-wise, meaning the look is all we have.

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This look adapts the most commonly seen of Diana’s in her comics with the classic torso piece and skirt combo adorned with a tiara to finish.

11 The Lego Movie Videogame 1 & 2

The first of many Lego games to befit this list, The Lego Movie Videogame 1 and 2 feature the mythical Goddess herself. But with so many characters to choose from, Diana likely won’t be the go-to choice. Nevertheless, she’s a great pick, although not on par with her other Lego game adaptations.

10 injustice 2

It’s safe to say Injustice 2 Diana is far from practically any other version of her. Video game or otherwise. However, any of these problems can be swept away, so we can instead focus on how well this darker side of her character is depicted. To start, the writing of Diana isn’t the best, and her relationship with Clark never truly finds its footing. But everything else is pretty great.

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Her design and range of costumes are fantastic to mix and match, combat and abilities are all tuned to the character, and voice acting from Susan Eisenberg is better than ever.

9 Scribblenauts Unmasked

Moving to an all-different style, Scribblenauts Unmasked squeezed into multiple Diana Prince outfits, from ones inspired by her first outing to those influenced by alternate versions of the character.

As this game’s entire point is to adapt different superheroes (and villains!), there’s ample opportunity to see interactions between fan-favorites, including any you may want to see of the wonder-heroine herself.

8th Lego Batman 2 & 3

Lego Batman 2 and 3 are some of Lego’s most popular video game titles, with many playing them throughout their childhood. The latter drastically improves on the UI and graphics, though we decided to mold the two into one entry with how similar both portrayals are. Laura Bailey voiced Diana here, with the core focus on her capabilities as a team leader.

7 DC Universe Online

Still securing its place as the DC game holding the most potential, DC Universe Online did many things right. One of these things is allowing you to create characters based on pre-existing DC icons and even having one as your mentor—Diana being one of them.

This version’s portrayal of her brings all her major personality aspects like; compassion, understanding, hope for an allied future, and the capacity to be a fair leader.

6 Fortnite

In its current state, Fortnite feels just like when you were a kid playing with action figures and creating the wildest stories for them. All the iconic characters included in Fortnite shouldn’t work in the same capacity, yet they do. Surprisingly well.

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One of the best examples of an existing IP added to the game is the DC skins and, most notably, Wonder Woman. Inspired by the release of Wonder Woman 1984 (and, of course, the comics), this style brings together her iconic one-piece suit, tiara, lasso, and even the golden eagle armor from the 2020 movie.

5 LegoDimensions

Another Lego entry and perhaps the most bizarre of the franchise, Diana Prince, was introduced to this game in the DC pack, which also included Aquaman, Bane, and Harley Quinn. You can wield the lasso of truth, deflect lasers with her bracelets, and travel around in the invisible jet. ​​​But by far, the best part of this version is Diana’s ability to fly; it feels terrible. It’ll even play the Wonder Woman show’s theme tune whenever you do this.

4 Lego DC Super Villains

The final and best of Miss Prince’s Lego video game appearances is in Lego DC Super-Villains. What boosts this above the rest is the enhanced graphics, gameplay, and super abilities (mainly flying) being at their best. The entry continues the theme of including all aspects of the Amazonian’s personality. Her moral sense and lack of judgment of others; the openness she holds for all those around her.

3 injustice

Just like what Kevin Conroy is to Batman, Susan Eisenberg is to Wonder Woman. One of her best and most underrated portrayals is in the first injustice, where we get our first glimpse at a pitch-perfect (playable) Diana. You can chain all ranges of attacks and execute finishers to stop the opposition in their tracks—a vast improvement over what has been seen so far with her fighting skills.

2 Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

It’s so in the character of Diana to be the spokesperson of not only her people (the Amazons) but for the people of Earth who she helps to defend. Most notably, this is shown during the cutscenes of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, moments before she gets into scuffles with people like Sub-Zero. During the story, Diana takes charge, never risking anyone around her, though still being able to double down on her sweet heroic finishers.

1 Justice League Heroes

Encapsulating everything we’ve learned about Diana, Themyscira, and the Amazons. Infusing all the morals, motives, allies, strengths, capabilities, and much, much more, Justice League Heroes, simply put, does the best job at staying accurate to who Diana is.

There’s also something for those fans of magic in the DC universe with screen time given to the duo of Zatanna and Diana, which hasn’t really been explored until recently during 2018’s Justice League Dark run.

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