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All I want for Christmas is Halo skins with personality

Perhaps the mandatory Halo Infinite Winter Event will finally give the game the much-needed personality.

Christmas halo

With the recent changes corresponding to XP, you can earn Battle Pass levels in Halo infinite just got a lot easier. I was able to break ten levels this week and unlock tons of armor in the process. Nothing reveals how boring Halo’s customization options are other than a bunch of helmets and shoulder pads that all look the same. You can be whatever you want in Halo Infinite … as long as you want to be a guy in a bulky spacesuit.

‘However, it’s the season and every shooter is out Apex legends to Battlefield 2042 starts their winter events. This is the first opportunity for 343 to show us what the holidays will be like in Halo, and I will be so disappointed if we don’t get festive cosmetics.

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Before you get your outlet in a bunch, I’m not suggesting that Halo needs to turn into a big snowball fight and invite the Avengers in. There is a certain style and aesthetic that obviously needs to be maintained, but I still think there is room for more fun with the skins. After all, you don’t need a full-blown Santa Claus suit to be creative or festive.

Halo: Spartans from Halo Infinite and the variety of armor

If I had to put Halo on a goofy spectrum, with Fortnite at one extreme and ARMA 3 at the other, Halo would sit almost exactly in the middle. It’s certainly not as playful and weird as games like Overwatch or Apex Legends, but it’s still a game that involves flying around in spaceships and shooting laser beams at guys with magical swords. I know there are some Halo purists out there who already know about the extremely mild samurai armor core from the Fracture: Tenrai event, but these alternate reality-themed events add some much-needed variety to the game. How many copies of the same metal knee pads do we really need? I think there is a way to incorporate vacation-inspired designs into the armor system in the same style as the Yoroi armor core – a bit tasteful but original.


It’s a fine line and I don’t envy the developers in the least. Battlefield 2042 makes gamers hell hot based on a leak that Santa Claus comes as a skin for a specialist named Boris. People are upset that Santa is too low profile for Battlefield 2042, a game where you can jump into a tornado and shoot at jet fighter pilots from the air. I suspect some Halo Infinite players will be just as uptight about anything that strays too far from rigid metal spacesuits, but that shouldn’t stop anyone.

With the campaign kicking off December 8th and the Fracture: Tenrai event taking a hiatus through January, it seems almost guaranteed that there will be some sort of winter event this month. The cosmetic options will set our expectations for future vacation events, at least for next year, so I keep my fingers crossed for just an ounce of Christmas cheer. Come on 343, give us some antlers. Let me wear an ugly sweater chest piece. It won’t kill you to drop some sleigh bells on a warthog, will it? Ho Ho Halo.

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