Sunday, November 27, 2022

Akali battles her own shadows in new Star Guardian event trailer

It might be easy to spot the stars in the night sky, but sometimes, it can be a challenge to follow their light when the darkness around them can be so consuming.

Right before the start of August, Riot Games has released the newest trailer for League of Legends‘ popular summer Star Guardian event. The beautifully animated teaser gave fans a quick glimpse into the inner turmoil affecting Valoran City’s favorite ninja warrior Akali, along with her struggle to stay away from corruption.

The video begins with Akali browsing her social media before bed, looking at photos of her fellow classmates and Star Guardian teammates. An inner monologue begins to play as she starts to focus on her own self-doubt, while intrusive thoughts of her dragging the team down begin to echo in her mind. While this is happening, she is suddenly pulled into a dark dimension where she is thrown into a battle against a very formidable opponent: herself.

The dark, corrupted version of Akali appears, reaching out to the normal Star Guardian Akali as if to hold her hand. Instead, the Rogue Assassin brandishes her weapons, and her dark counterpart does so in turn, rushing at her with kunai drawn. After a brief skirmish, the real Akali triumphs over her corrupted sister, but the forces of evil begin to reach out and pull her deeper into the darkness.

Before Akali is completely lost, Star Guardian Kai’Sa appears and holds out her hand. Before her fate is decided, she reappears in her room as she wakes up from the nightmare. As she abruptly sits up on her bed, she is quickly replaced by her corrupted self before the video ends.

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The new Star Guardian event focuses on the next generation of galactic heroes, as they battle against a new set of enemies while also trying to traverse the daily struggles of being a high schooler along with dealing with pressure to live up to the Star Guardian name. You can explore the whole story by jumping onto the Summoner’s Rift and progressing the plot in the client’s built-in visual novel.

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