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Adam and Upset drama: “It’s over, c’est fini” – Adam tries to end the situation between former Fnatic League of Legends teammates after apologizing on the stream

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The drama between former Fnatic teammate Adam ‘Adam’ Maanane and bot laner Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp seems to finally come to an end after Adam read a new statement on the stream apologizing for his actions.

Frenchman Adam left Fnatic a week and a half ago after spending six months with the London organization and posted a devastating Twitlonger of his views, claiming he was “treated like shit by Fnatic management and even the players”.

19-year-old Adam also claimed that 21-year-old German ADC Upset wanted him off the team and that Adam left because he could no longer support what was happening. Adam has since been linked with a move to LEC newcomer Team BDS, as has British ADC xMatty.

The situation started back in October. Hours before Fnatic’s first World Cup game was due to begin in 2021, Upset returned home due to a “family urgent matter” kept private and Sub-ADC Bean stepped in.

The players weren’t given the exact reason by management to maintain Upset’s privacy and Adam said in his Twitlonger, “Upset just went away to join his girlfriend because she felt bad being alone and maybe I’m lying wrong who knows? In any case, these were the last words he said to us before he left us the day before the World Cup. “

Upset denied this in a Twitlonger, called it an “open lie”.

Now, on December 5, 2021, Adam apparently changed his name for the in-game Summoner of League of Legend to “Lonely Wife UwU”, with some in the community saying that it is a reference to Upset’s wife.

Annoyed, he claims he tried to speak to Adam about the situation but was ignored by him.

Since then, Adam has apparently changed his summoner name back to “Frustrated Kiddo”.

Upsets wife Paula also said about Adam: “Thanks to this child, I receive death threats almost every day for no reason.”

On December 6th, Adam ran a Twitch stream and provided another update.

He said, “First of all, I want to apologize to Upset’s wife for receiving a lot of hatred and death threats. That’s something I can’t tolerate. By posting my Twitlonger, I didn’t expect people to hate them so much. I didn’t know people could be so mean. I deeply condemn these types of actions, especially when she hasn’t asked anything and I don’t even know her.

“Changing my name to ‘Lonely Wife UwU’ was maybe the stupidest idea I’ve ever had in my life. I deserve the reaction I got – I also had a lot of hatred for what I did. I thought my Twitlonger could handle the whole story, but I still had things on my mind and couldn’t get over them and changed my name. I apologize for that.

“We didn’t get a message from Upset when he left Worlds, or a message to Worlds. I still can’t get over it, I didn’t feel respected. This is the only time I could have qualified for the World Cup – I may not be back – how could I not be mad? That’s why I changed my name. And Fnatic’s management told me they didn’t know the reason [for Upset’s departure] than they knew.

“He tried to talk to me afterwards, but then I was frustrated [and didn’t want to talk]. Upset has his vision of the whole story and I have my own vision. I’m the piece of shit and that’s completely over for me. I want to take this story back in time and try to move on. I apologize for being childish and immature – I handled it badly.

“It’s over – c’est fini.”

Several people in the community have been talking about the next time the two players will face each other at the LEC in the spring of 2022, as all eyes are on seeing how they settle their differences in the rift.

Who knows how the situation can change or regulate in the future. One thing is certain – both players are very young and are still learning and developing.

Esports News UK interviewed Adam earlier this year about his desire to play at the 2021 World Cup.

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