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Confession time: I never grew up on Battletoads. In fact, the only reason I even know about the franchise is because of my partner instantly going on about it for the last 12 years of our relationship. So the moment I signed up for Xbox Game Pass and saw Battletoads among the collection, it was a no-brainer that I’d be the best partner and download it for us to play. And oh boy, am I glad I did.

Let me first enthral you with all my hesitations towards beat-em-up games. Mostly, they always have abysmal controls combined with highly unbalanced gameplay and unfair difficulty levels that require godlike reflexes to pass—something I do not possess. That is why I tend to avoid beat-em-ups like the plague. But after the roaring success of TNMT: Shredders Revenge and the hope that if I played Battletoads, it would stop my partner from constantly bringing it up in conversation, I decided to push my concerns aside and give the game a chance.

For anyone on the fence about the genre like me, let me summarize the game before we even go any further:

Battletoads is balanced. Fair. infuriating. Simple and so much freaking fun that I can’t believe I’ve never experienced the franchise before. Battletoads is everything my partner has spent the last 12 years carrying on and much more.

Battletoads - A Ribbiting Beat 'Em Up



After putting it off for the last 12 years, I finally decided to give Battletoads a chance and oh boy, am I glad that I did. According to my partner, who played the original, this game takes everything that made Battletoads good and improves upon it, with the result being a more accessible and less frustrating game. According to me, who has only ever played this title, Battletoads is funny, entertaining, and one of the best Beat-Em-Ups I’ve played.


The colors and the art is everything I need in my life

A really good balance between fighting and minigames

Enough goofy shenanigans to make me forget my dislike for the genre


At 5 hours, the champaign is pretty short

There isn’t much repeatability – when the game is done, it’s done

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