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8 Killer Tips to Create a Youtube Gaming Channel in 2022

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More and more gamers create their own gaming channel on YouTube. It’s an interesting thing for teenagers, young adults and others to try – and many players create a channel to showcase their winning tactics.

However, creating a brand new YouTube gaming channel is not an easy task. It requires a lot of knowledge and effort. With internet usage increasing, the pandemic and the fact that there are a lot of gamers out there, it becomes a very competitive niche for YouTubers.

Some of the best YouTubers have professional gaming channels with millions of followers worldwide. Some examples of famous gamers dominating YouTube games are PewDiePie, DanTDM and Mumbo Jumbo, with millions of followers giving them billions of views overall.

There are some important tips to follow if you are considering starting a professional gaming YouTube channel. We have listed eight below:

  1. Choose a game

Of course, while some developers specialize in a particular game title, gamers aren’t always limited to a single game. They may have their favorite genres, own multiple games and play each one well, but that doesn’t mean they will all play and make videos.

If you play a single game expertly, you can learn and improve your knowledge of it. Some of the best League of Legends streamers have poured thousands of hours into the game and achieved high Elos. This gives them credibility and increases the chances that they will create good instructional videos and other popular gaming videos.

Therefore, one piece of advice often given to novice game channel creators is to focus on playing just one game on YouTube at first.

Some popular game video creators consider this tip as wise advice. This is due to the content strategy followed by the YouTube algorithm. However, if a creator wants to play a different game, it’s not the end of the world. Experiment, see what sticks and what you enjoy to see how best to keep viewers interested.

  1. Get involved consistently

To capitalize on your creativity and your social media posts, you need consistency. Creators want to increase the number of views to allow for more videos. But content of any form requires engagement. Set a schedule to update followers to regularly make them aware of upcoming videos. Ask your followers questions, ask them to comment, like, and share — and think of different ways to do it outside of the box.

By uploading a video once a week or even once a day, you’ll gain more engagement over time than posting less often. With the help of YouTube’s algorithm and a little effort, a creator can expand the reach of their content to potentially thousands of people. However, creating, editing and publishing a video takes time, especially if you are pressed for time and doing it in your free time.

Consider seeking the help of one Online video editor from which you can quickly create and edit a video to maintain consistency.

  1. introductory video

With any video, audience interest is critical to driving views. However, getting the audience to watch your content is not an easy task. If the audience isn’t watching your content or is quick to click away, it can affect YouTube’s algorithm and you may end up having trouble getting views.

It sounds obvious, but you want to create the best possible game content that audiences want to see. A crucial task is to create an engaging video introduction. To do this, use a Video maker to compile, process and finish engaging content. A great introductory section in your video can attract more viewers and increase watch time. Also, the audience may watch the entire video because they’ll be excited to see what happens.

One technique that seems to be successful these days is for an intro to include a climax, shocking, or amusing portion of the preceding video, then cut it and move on to the full video before the clip reaches its end.

  1. Entice with titles and thumbnails

Most of the time, viewers can keep scrolling through videos without watching them. They only click on videos that seem interesting to them. Therefore, enticing titles and thumbnails are essential. These can help arouse curiosity and capture the viewer’s attention.

Also, it can help with the algorithm and make the creator get top positions in the search results. Once you rank higher in search results, audiences are more likely to click on your video. Adding compelling titles and thumbnails is arguably half the battle.

  1. Research extensively

It may sound obvious, but before creating a gaming video, do some research on the topic that interests you. The game you are playing may not be popular. People may not need to know how to play this game or even care. Therefore, if you take all the trouble, it can lead to nothing.

It’s best to brainstorm and research your game’s keywords to find out its popularity, but make sure you’re playing something you enjoy – it’ll come off when you’re bored, and viewers can scare off.

  1. Join online gaming communities

Coming up with fresh new ideas for a YouTube video can be challenging. Even if you’re an experienced gamer, generating interest in your gaming channel isn’t easy. So why not join an online gaming community? You can share ideas from like-minded people, get important game updates, and the latest news by joining a community.

You can dig up the game stages, sections, or portions that people like the most. Knowing the questions that newcomers have about specific games is also beneficial for creating engaging, relevant game content. So you can get many ideas to help yourself and your colleagues/followers.

  1. Know the trending gaming topics

Topics can be trending when a lot of people are following or talking about them, for example when a particular clip or topic goes viral.

Picking the right gaming trending topics and producing your own take on a video can help you get multiple views – this can work well for beginners. If you are a beginner, research and update yourself on the trending gaming topics, try to look ahead and see what might be trending or just around the corner.

Trends can be very different. It could have something to do with a specific gameplay or graphics of a game, a talking point in esports, a new release, etc. So you can create videos based on all sorts of game aspects and topics of discussion.

  1. Use YouTube shorts

More and more people are getting familiar with YouTube Shorts. It’s an excellent section on YouTube to promote your channel and its videos – and it works best for viewers with a limited attention span.

YouTube Shorts are just that – short videos under 60 seconds long that must be in portrait orientation. They are the platform answer to TikTok.

There’s also a chance that viewers find YouTube shorts videos interesting before later watching a full, longer video. You can also become a follower. Therefore, getting quick reactions from the audience helps attract them, and shorts have the potential to popularize your channel.


Play online is one of the coolest activities out there in our opinion. Players can make money by playing online, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. It can take immense skill and dedication to play a game expertly – or enjoyably. Many new gamers seek the help of YouTube gaming videos to learn how to play and improve, and hence the need for gaming videos has never been greater.

Professional gamers and other experienced gamers took the lockdown as an opportunity to delve further into this world. There are currently many new gaming channels and a saturated market is developing – not all of them have a large following. So, would-be creators should keep all the above tips in mind when creating a gaming video and growing their own channel.

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