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8 Best Mods For Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 is all about player freedom as you set out to take down the criminal overlords behind ctOS 2.0, the invasive operating system that monitors and manipulates citizens on a massive scale. Now, what enhances player freedom as much as mods?

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While Watch Dogs 2 does not boast a modding community as sprawling as those of Skyrim or Fallout 4, it still offers a decent variety of nifty mods that might give you a refreshing new take on the sprawling open-world. Ranging from small visual enhancements to quality-of-life tweaks and large gameplay mechanic overhauls, these are the best mods for Watch Dogs 2.


8th no intro

no intro By Doze

It gets tiring looking at the same splash screens every time you boot up the game. The No Intro mod functions exactly as its name suggests. It lets you jump straight into the action, saving yourself some hassle of sitting through the splash screens and the epileptic seizure disclaimer.

For any game developers taking note, please let players have the option to skip the intro movies after the first time. Small quality-of-life features like these go a long way to ensure an enjoyable player experience.

7 Less Intrusive GPS Markers

Less Intrusive GPS Markers by Obelix

If you have played even a bit of Watch Dogs 2, chances are that you are already looking for a way to get rid of the large in-your-face GPS markers on the roads. The Less Intrusive GPS Markers mod is a small quality-of-life tweak that adds a whole lot to your immersion into the world.

While the mod does not get rid of the GPS road markers wholly, it just hits the sweet spot between them being visible and being immersion-breaking. Now, you can actually see the texture of the roads while driving around San Francisco Bay.

6 Watch Dogs 2 Autowalkers

Watch Dogs 2 Autowalkers by Obelix

Watch Dogs 2, much like every other open-world game, requires a lot of walking around, and it’s not a whole lot of fun mashing the W key constantly over the course of a lengthy playthrough.

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The Autowalker mod lets you keep walking and running at the press of a hotkey, which you can customize by going into a configuration file that comes with the mod. This is an indubitably convenient feature that should be present by default in all open-world games.

5 Natural San Francisco

Natural San Francisco from HeySlickThatsMe

Watch Dogs 2 is not an old game, especially regarding its graphical features. So you might ask, what is the need for a mod that puts more load on the GPU? While it is true that the Natural San Francisco mod is a bit taxing in terms of frame rate, if you have got the headroom to spare, this mod livesns up the atmosphere of the game unlike anything else.

The orange-ish color grading and the new skybox textures are some things that you’d wonder why weren’t part of the base game. Besides, the mod also features many other smaller visual tweaks, like new fire, muzzle flash, and water FX textures.

4 Wrench Mod

Wrench Mod by dnn00

Wrench is arguably the most entertaining character out of all the DeadSec members of the game. If you wanted to play the game as this punk rock-looking fella, this mod lets you do just that.

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Giving you a choice between four versions, the mod lets you play as Wrench with or without his iconic mask. You can also choose the version you like, depending on whether you would like to override Marcus’ voice lines with Wrench’s or keep them as is . There are a few caveats to replacing Marcus’ voice lines which are explained in detail on the mod description page.

3 First Person Camera

First Person Camera by HeySlickThatsMe

There’s no denying that some of us can’t be truly immersed in a game without the first-person perspective. While GTA 5, a game most often compared to when talking about Watch Dogs, implemented a first-person mode when its enhanced editions came out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, it is all but evident that there is a demand for it.

The First Person Camera mod for this game is not perfect. In fact, expect lots of janky behavior as the mod author already puts a disclaimer for those on the description page. However, if you really want to experience the game in this new mode, you absolutely can, as none of those issues are known to cause crashes or other game-breaking bugs.

2 Police And Faction Overhaul

Police and Faction Overhaul by Yorpie

When the game came out, one of the major criticisms surrounding it was its lackluster police mechanics. The chases of the base game feel really unnatural as the police spawns are erratic. It often becomes the case that you beat the heat without really making any real effort to evade them, and sometimes it is the opposite with a bunch of police vehicles spawning on top of you.

The Police and Faction Overhaul mod not only fixes the awkward police mechanics but also makes some thoughtful addition and changes. If you keep retaliating at the highest heat level, now FBI units will show up. Moreover, female cops will now spawn as part of patrols as well.

1 Ultimate Overhaul Mod

Ultimate Overhaul Mod by TheDuckyOne and HeySlickThatsMe

This mod is an amalgamation of many smaller mods (some of which are already on this list) carefully curated to take your Watch Dogs 2 experience to the next level. Introducing some cut content, new enemies, and an array of quality-of-life improvements, the Ultimate Overhaul Mod is something you would pick up after you have completed the main story missions.

In fact, the mod author specifically advises against installing this mod before completing them as it can “ruin the game’s pacing and glitch out certain missions.”

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