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7 Games With Destructible Environments

Watching a building crumble or at least having one of its walls blown open is among the most satisfying sights in gaming. But unfortunately, you usually only see it during scripted set pieces or cutscenes. There’s nothing wrong with it happening in a scripted fashion, but it’s even better when it occurs naturally while playing.

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It makes the environment feel more like a real place, as a shell propelled by a highly powered tank should be able to blow through the wall of a standard house. Admittedly, not all destructible environments in gaming are realistic, as in some games, buildings break too easily. Even then, though, it’s enjoyable to watch them fall down. And in the following games, buildings might not always collapse, but they do take some visible damage.


7 Rainbow Six Siege

As a series, Rainbow Six hasn’t always been known for its destructible environments. But blowing through walls, floors, and barricades is a huge part of Siege. After all, the game is a tactical multiplayer shooter, and it doesn’t get much more strategic than getting around someone’s defenses by blowing a hole in the ceiling above them.

There are plenty of chances to do it, too, as most maps include buildings of some sort. As such, you can’t completely level one as it would ruin the game. But pretty much every round involves the destruction of some parts of a house or bank or whatever structure serves as the battleground.

XCOM is a great sci-fi series that combines elements of both the RTS and turn-based tactics genres. You go into every mission with a squad, and you have to instruct them while they face off against alien forces. In several of the games, each of these encounters is tense-filled because of the inclusion of perma-death. So, you want to keep your squad in cover.

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However, the inclusion of destructible environments makes hiding difficult. The ability to destroy walls and ceilings isn’t in every entry in the series, but it’s always nice to see. And it often allows you to get a jump on the enemy.

5 Red faction series

Destructible environments are one of the staples of the Red Faction series. Over the years, though, the demolition has grown even more impressive, with the feature reaching its pinnacle in Red Faction: Guerrilla.

In this entry, every building and barricade is seemingly made out of paper as a vehicle can easily run through them. But if you don’t fancy driving, you can use your sledgehammer or explosives to obliterate a structure. The games aren’t all about destruction. They also provide tight shooting action and intriguing stories. Plus, they tend to take place in fascinating locations.

4 Minecraft

Usually, destructible buildings are a fun feature, but in Minecraft, it tends to be more annoying than anything. This is because Minecraft is all about building things. So, you can spend significant time gathering resources and building houses just for an explosive to undo all your work.

The destruction can be caused by a roaming creeper or another dangerous mob. Alternatively, one of your so-called friends can do the damage with a block of TNT. Yet, if it isn’t your structure getting brought down, the demolition can be pretty fun. You don’t even need an explosive as you can use a flint and steel or a bucket of lava to burn a place down.

3 7 Days To Die

The goal in this horror game is to survive, and the main threat to your health is zombies. These undead beings can be dangerous during the day, but they’re especially menacing at night. Thankfully, the game allows you to make buildings or hide in the ones already there. If you also craft some good defenses, you have a decent chance of surviving for a while.

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However, your bases aren’t impenetrable. Zombies can break down doors and walls if they give them enough hits. So, in this case, the inclusion of destructible environments adds extra tension to proceedings as you’re never truly safe.

2 tear down

In Teardown, almost everything is destructible, from buildings to vehicles. And you always have to break something to complete your objective. For instance, when the goal is to steal an item, you have to break through walls to reach it, as you play as the least subtle thief ever. Plus, you occasionally get an objective to destroy something, possibly even an entire building.

Of course, you don’t break through brick and wood with just your hands. You have plenty of tools at your disposal that can do some damage. Yet, often driving a vehicle into something does the job. You don’t want to break things too badly, though, as, at the end of every level, you must escape within a minute. So try not to blow up the path you need to take.

1 Battlefield Series

The Battlefield games are arguably the most famous for their breakable environments, and the series has clearly evolved this aspect over time. The early games only allow you to destroy things like small bridges. Being able to blow giant holes in walls didn’t come until several years later.

However, in Battlefield 4, the ante gets raised even higher as it includes levolutions. These are large set pieces of destruction that happen during rounds and alter the map while you’re still playing. Some of them are really impressive as you can see full skyscrapers collapse. This level of destruction is what allows Battlefield to stand out from other influential first-person shooters.

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