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7 Games To Play If You Loved Rust

Rust is a truly unique survival title that you could potentially get lost in for up to a week straight, as you may play in one server for that duration. Unlike Fortnite or Apex where you drop in, get a couple of kills, and either win or die in thirty minutes, Rust is a game that is server-based. This gives you more time to live in the world and establish yourself. That is, unless you are taken out by other players.

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When you load into the server for the first time, you have nothing. It is imperative that you build a base and find reliable loot and weapons within the first day. Each day that goes by, every other player is becoming stronger. This creates one of the most accurate depictions of “only the strongest survive.”


7 Scrap Mechanic

Perhaps the most lighthearted game on this list, Scrap Mechanic allows your imagination to run wild. The game places you on an island where you can create anything you think of out of scrap metal. You are given an inventory where you compile your scrap, as well as tools to assist you. Food and water are essential as you must eat and drink to survive in this game.

Just as you can create out of the metal, there are also enemies made up of these metals. Farming your food causes the enemies to attack, so you and your friends must fend your grandiose structures from the creepy metal crawlers.

6 State Of Decay

State of Decay is a near-perfect concept for a zombie game, as it covers all aspects of what it would actually be like to survive that plague. Unlike most run-and-gun zombie shooters, State of Decay adds a crucial mechanic – building. In the game, you are able to build a base to help you fend off the undead.

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Just as in most survival games, you must search for the materials needed. Instead of feeling the threat of another player creeping through your doorway, it’s a horde of zombies that typically spring toward you in hopes of taking your life. The game is an excellent take on the third-person zombie game that keeps you on edge whilst also encouraging you to keep progressing.

5 Minecraft

Minecraft is a world-renowned video game. Chances are if you’ve ever grasped your hands around a controller, you’ve heard of Minecraft. Spawning in a randomly generated land, you are placed there with nothing on you. It is up to you to explore the map and begin to build protection for yourself.

As you learn how to create, you become more comfortable exploring further and deeper. Once you accumulate enough wood and stone, a house can be built. Once the house is built, you are essentially safe from the foes that will attempt to attack as dusk falls. Pairing the crafting of buildings with the ability to craft weapons and armor, you start to gain the courage to be out at night to see what secrets the world holds.

4 Ark Survival Evolved

Stranded on an island with dinosaurs is a pitch that needs little convincing. Ark Survival Evolved contains all the basic survival mechanics you would see in other survival games: you have a health and food meter, you hold an inventory of weapons and food, and of course, you can build a base. At its core, Ark is a survival game with dinosaurs. However, the developers have added a bevy of creatures and even more land to explore.

You start with a spear and progress to a bow, but by the time you hit your max, you will be roaming the island on a raptor while holding a machine gun, returning to your great castle of high technology.

3 The Forest

The Forest is the most terrifying game on this list. Immediately following the crash of the commercial plane you were on, you find yourself in a colossal forest. Unaware of how to escape, lonely, and malnourished, you must build a base and find food. The game is not that simple, however, as the game rapidly takes a dark turn. Sinister people begin to make their presence known to you, causing you to defend yourself against them and survive each night.

With the territory of being considered one of the more petrifying survival games, it shouldn’t need to be stated, that you absolutely do not want to venture out at night. Unlike the other games on this list, The Forest is excruciating at night. Your threat is appalling during the day, so of course, that is only amplified when darkness comes.

2 Day Z

A pure PVP survival title, DayZ mixes the threats of zombies roaming the world, with other players randomly spawning throughout that take your loot and challenge your life. DayZ is one of the most unforgiving games on this list, as you can die in a shocking amount of ways. Food and water are vital for your success within the game. If you are malnourished you will die. Mixing that with the threat of flesh eaters and other humans with guns, DayZ is immensely taxing.

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With that said, DayZ is still an eccentric survival experience as it is one of the few to add each of those elements to your experience. Furthermore, if you die, you simply hop into another match. It is not as demoralizing to lose as Rust because you won’t be putting as much time into each server.

1 Escape From Tarkov

Undeniably the most similar game to Rust is Escape From Tarkov. So similar in fact, that even the hubs and loot displays are almost identical. Escape From Tarkov is a first-person survival PVP game that is successful at its main goal – making you feel on edge. It’s distinctive from other survival games due to its ruthless unforgiving gameplay. This game challenges you unlike most. Aiming is exigent and salvaging reliable material can be a tenuous task.

Nonetheless, although the game is burdensome, that actually adds to its appeal. In the same vein as Elden Ring, there is something alluring about the challenge of it all, which makes succeeding in it that much better.

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