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3 TFT Set 8 Comps to Try Out in PBE

Heroes, grab those capes and find a place to change because it’s time for some Team Fight Tactics. TFT Set 8 has now launched on PBE and players are working on finding that perfect comp. TFT Set 8 comps are a bit all over the place, but the fun is all in the exploration of different synergies. Check out these three TFT Set 8 comps to try out while playing the PBE.

Prime Rib (Mecha: PRIME/ Ox Force)
TFT SET 8 comps

The Mech trait is back and is ready to terrorize the TFT ladder once more. Mecha: PRIME combines three units together to create a massive Mech based on the PRIME champion. Sett and Leona are the main carries for a Mecha: PRIME based composition, but with a little bit of luck, getting an Ox Force Emblem on Draven could create a gigantic, lethal, axe-throwing machine.

The Ox Force bonus has some great synergy with Mecha: PRIME as it allows the Mech to fight just a little bit longer once it’s health reaches 0. Even if the Ox Trait isn’t on Draven, Sett getting one last punch in before he goes will surely be enough to win the round before time runs out.

Brawler/Mascot with Threat Carry
TFT SET 8 comps

Brawlers are always a fun trait to build around. They are just big beefy idiots that soak up tons of damage, while surviving long enough to kill some enemies on the way out. In Set 8, Brawlers have a new best friend in Mascots. While the Mascots are on the sidelines, they heal their team based on percent health. And with a team filled with units that have massive amounts of health pools, it should be a great pairing. The only problem is that they may not be doing enough damage to pull out the victory.

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That’s where the unique Threat units come in. Threat’s don’t gain any trait bonuses, but they do have unique and powerful abilities that can more than make up for the lack of damage from the frontliners. Bel’Veth or Aurelion Sol should do the trick in this comp,

Gagdeteen Underground
TFT SET 8 comps

What’s better than playing a composition that just plays itself? The combination of Gadgeteen’s free items and Underground’s, well, free items combines for an interesting passive-income based game plan. While the items may be temporary, the value is not. Each loss increases progress, making loss streaks even that much more valuable. The only downside is that these traits do not share any champions, making board management a bit tricky. If you’re looking for some greedy gameplay, look no further.

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