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3 Marvel Snap Decks To Climb Through Pool 1

For those who are just getting into Marvel Snap, it is important to remember that each game matters towards a players overall rank. There is no option for non-competitive play just yet, which means each and every player is inadvertently climbing the ranked ladder. Naturally competitive players will often want to know what the top decks are, especially if they want to reach higher ranks quickly. With Marvel Snap being relatively new, people may not know where to look. Luckily for those players, The Game Has them covered with three Marvel Snap decks that are sure to help players reach new heights.

Double Up Dino
Marvel snap decks
Example deck list

Patience is key with this deck. Devil Dinosaur other moon girl are the one-two punch that will end plenty of games in a victory. Doubling up the cards in a player’s hand gives Devil Dinosaur a massive amount of power that will almost always secure a win at a location. When the combo isn’t available, the deck still packs a punch thanks to Blue Marvel other Onslaught. The early game cards like Scarlet Witch and Rhino are important to reshape detrimental locations. The deck can be tricky to maneuver as players need to watch their hand size, if they aren’t careful they could make Devil Dinosaur too weak to win a location.

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Ka Zoo
Marvel snap decks
Example deck list

Sometimes it’s ok to simplify the game a bit. With Ka-Zar in the deck, the goal of this deck is to flood the board with one-cost cards. Once turn four comes around, slam Ka-Zar wherever fits best and watch the once innocuous one-drops become real threats. angela is the other big threat in this list as she will continue to grow as the game goes on – assuming cards are placed at her location. Namor other strong guy are just solid big hitters that can handle a location alone given the opportunity.

Discard Apocalypse
Marvel snap decks
Example deck list

Discard decks may be one of the trickier decks to find success on the ranked ladder. The individual cards have some solid stats, but managing the timing and the play order of some cards makes the deck tough to rely on from a game to game basis. apocalypse is a game-ending card that truly feels like a premier payoff for the discard strategy. Plenty of the one-cost cards can be changed out based on what works for the player, but the ones listed here help solidify some locations early, as well as keep the hand empty so players aren’t discarding the wrong card.

Keep experimenting

There are still plenty of cards that players can use to climb through the ranks, and these are just three decks that can work for players who need help with deck construction. As Marvel Snap continues to grow, more and more players will find new and unique strategies that are sure to shake up the meta game. So keep crafting up some new decks and see what sticks!

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