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2022 Summer Split Week 3

Week 2 of LCK Summer has concluded, and with it, the first four matches for each team. The top of the ladder still stays true, with some teams shaking up the status quo in their most recent performances. Teams are starting to find their playstyles and strategy but a long season still has room for changes, especially for the bottom teams who have yet to find their form. Here are the Summer 2022 LCK Power Rankings for Week 3.

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Solidly at the bottom

10.) Brion Esports (0-4)
Last Week: 7 (-3)
0-2 loss vs KT; 0-2 Loss vs Gen.G

Brion Esports look completely lost this week, losing all momentum they had gained from Week 2. Although they show sparks of life in the early game, there is a constant inability to make plays from the midgame onwards, especially exploited in their loss against KT. Running back the same draft to the same disastrous results shows a lack of ability to adapt in the same series, and bodes badly for their future. The amount of objective control from Week 2 also lacked from Brion, only ever grabbing two dragons in Week 3. If Brion wants to grab their first win this Split, they must go back to basics and focus on their teamplay.

9.) Hanwha Life Esports (0-4)
Last week: 10 (+1)
1-2 loss vs DRX; 1-2 loss vs NS

Hanwha’s starting to find their identity: as a coin flip team. All of their games this week were quickly decided by the early game, losing it lead to a gigantic insurmountable snowball that HLE could not overcome. Winning the early game however lead to a heavily contested win against DRX, and HLE’s own snowball against NS. The bot lane of Lee “SamD” Jae-Hoon and Oh “Vsta” Hyo-seong really showcase their prowess in skirmishes and teamfights, but HLE must find their ability to take back games before they’re doomed from the start if they want to win their first series.

One Puzzle Piece Away

8.) Kwangdong Freecs (1-3)
Last Week: 8 (-2)
0-2 loss vs NS; 0-2 loss vs DRX

The Freecs fell winless this weekend, and revolve around just one member: Their ADC. Park “Teddy” Jin-seong’s Ezreal continued to be the sole shining light on KDF, bailing them out multiple times and almost taking a game against NS. However, the team struggles completely when trying to find answers to enemy compositions. Failure to focus on priority picks and objectives keeps KDF in the red, a problem that must be answered for them to succeed in this season.

7.) KT Roster (1-3)
Last week: 8 (+1)
2-0 Win vs BRO; 0-2 loss vs LSB

KT establish themselves as a scary team capable of taking games and establishing control, but are unable to close games out. Their 0-2 loss against LSB had them solidly in the lead for both series until a botched elder fight in game 1 and an uncoordinated engage in game 2. KT really shows their potential to grow as the season goes on though, as objective control lead them to dragon soul in three out of four games. However, until they learn to use their lead to close games cleanly, KT still sits at the bottom of the rankings.

Huge growth potential

6.) Nongshim Red Force (2-2)
Last week: 10 (+4)
2-0 Win vs KDF; 2-1 Win vs HLE

“Tenacity” is the word to describe NS this week, who move up in the LCK official and power rankings. The five games played this week show major signs of life in every fight, no matter how much of a gold gap there is between them and their opponents. Each member of the team showed up individually in separate games, a key factor in their success for everyone coordinating together in quick, clean fights. Constant angling for picks and better control of the map compared to week 2 has NS looking like a transformed team already. They will be a team to monitor this season as their coaches settle in and the team adjusts to the new environment.

5.) Livv SANDBOX (2-2)
Last week: 5 (0)
0-2 loss vs T1; 2-0 Win vs KT

LSB finds itself mentally blocked against the top teams, not able to find opportunities against T1 this week and DK previously. Against KT, they performed in dire circumstances and wrestled control in close fights that could have swung either way, but leave a hanging question mark over LSB. Their position on the LCK power rankings sits solidly in the middle until LSB holds a candle to one of the top four teams.

4.) DAMWON Gaming (2-2)
Last week: 1 (-3)
1-2 loss vs GEN; 0-2 loss vs T1

DK finds some growing pains as they stumble against their direct top competition. A backdoor grants them a close game against GEN, but each game saw critical failures in close fights. A pick on Jang “Nuguri” Ja-gwon cost both games against T1, showing that the coordination is still a work in progress. Still, DK kept all of their games close this series, and next week should see them rebounding back against KT and NS.

A clear cut above the rest

3.) T1 (4-0)
Last week: 4 (+1)
2-0 Win vs LSB; 2-0 Win vs DK

T1 seems to have hammered out the issues that plagued their last week, as they take the fastest game of the week at 24:02 against LSB. Their strengths in converting objectives off of fights have borne fruit with their naturally speedy tempo. Against DK especially, T1 muscled their way to dragons, souls and barons to prove that they are back in fighting form, continuing their domestic streak. T1 may have stumbled in week 1, but have grown and executed a better set of series this past week to showcase their growth.

2.) DRX (4-0)
Last week: 2 (0)
2-1 Win vs HLE, 2-0 Win vs KDF

DRX continue to keep their measured tempo, getting two clean wins again this week. Even though they dropped a game against HLE, DRX kept finding ways to put themselves back into the fight by clever picks and wave macro. DRX’s strangle on taking and maintaining a lead continues to make each and every win of theirs a one-sided affair. Picks are found with good vision, leading to map objectives, leading to the snowball that is DRX.

1.) Gen.G (4-0)
Last week: 3 (+2)
2-1 Win vs DRX; 2-0 Win vs BRO

Gen.G cement their status at the top of the ladder with a victory over direct rival DK. Carried by the pocket Singed pick of Support Son “Lehends” Si-woo, Gen.G kept pace with DK, playing through Top and Bottom to find constant picks at towers and objectives. The series against BRO only further cemented their position with quick and clean fights. Both games went under 30 minutes again, showing how every member of Gen.G are on the same page and moving at the same pace. Gen.G is currently on top of the LCK and the power rankings.

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