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15 Best Mods On Steam Workshop

Teardown is a physics sandbox packed full of maps to destroy, and tools with which to destroy them. As you play through the campaign, you’ll unlock new places to obliterate, new gear to wreak havoc with, and gain a better understanding of just what is possible.

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Well, forget all that gradual progress nonsense for just a moment, because Teardown has a Steam Workshop – here, you’ll find plenty of mods that can make for some absolutely chaotic and entertaining experiences. Luckily, Steam Workshop mods are just a click away, so find these ones and have fun.

Updated On May 28, 2022, By Sam Hallahan: Teardown remains one of the most enjoyable sandboxes to mess around in and explore all of the mods available. The game has since come out of Early Access and received a full release. Now, with more buzz around the game than ever, the Steam Workshop is full of brilliant mods that everyone should try out. Here are even more of the best mods for Teardown.


15 Creeper Facility

With a new map that feels like an SCP facility for Minecraft Mods, Creeper Facility will have you exploring hallways and rooms full of these creatures, whether it be Creepers, zombies, or just some pigs.

It’s a silly map that can be a lot of fun to explore, and if you’re a fan of Minecraft and horror, then it’s a perfect departure from the usual. Plus, there’s something a little more offputting about a Creeper walking slowly towards you in a game where you’re equipped with all sorts of weaponry.

14 Better slow motion

This mod is more of a tweak than something that ages the game significantly, but nonetheless necessary. Teardown comes with some mods built-in, including a slow motion feature that you can enable. However, you have to hold down the button, which is pretty limiting when you want to watch that destruction in all of its slowed-down glory.

Better Slow Motion first and foremost makes the feature a toggle, meaning you can run around and break stuff to your heart’s content while the slower time consists. Additionally, it allows you to adjust how slow you want the time with the scroll wheel of your mouse. Needless to say, this destruction makes much more cinematic, and those moments where quick reactions are required much easier.

13 Dual miniguns

It’s like one minigun, but two of them. There’s not much justification needed here – it’s just for when you want to wreak havoc with a minigun, but one is just not quite enough. Watching as the onslaught of bullets tear through the very fabric of everything never gets old, and it’s a sure-fire way to bring down anything that stands before you.

If that wasn’t enough, they also fire bullets at such a rate that you’ll fly off in the opposite direction while shooting. Sure, there might be a jetpack mod built into the game already, but where’s the fun in that. Soar through the skies with two big guns as the ground splits below you.


Okay, so one minigun is pretty good. And as we have mentioned, two miniguns are even better. So how do we improve from there? Simple – you take those two miniguns, merge them into one, and give it even more power to its punch.

This is the Megagun – a minigun so powerful that it will tear through anything quicker than you can see the bullets fly. There are even multiple ammo types you can swap between, including some mini-nuke bullets, so it’s easily one of the best mods to play with.

11 Dynamic AT-AT Map

Everyone knows the giant walkers from Star Wars – they can be easily recognized across pop culture and fans will remember watching on as the rebels on Hoth brought them down to the ground, in a satisfying collapse and crash. So of course, now you can do just that in this game all about breaking things.

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While we don’t quite have speedy ships equipped with ropes to tie and trip the AT-ATs, you are able to do just about anything else. Climb inside them, load them with explosives, fire a rocket launcher at their body, sever their legs – actually, is anyone else starting to feel bad about this? Regardless, having a playground to mess with these iconic behemoths is incredibly fun.

10 TearNG

Based on the incredibly fun vehicle-physics game, BeamNG.Drive, TearNG puts you in a destructive playground for cars. You’ll be able to drive around the ramps, stunts, and oversized hammers to your heart’s extent, and watch as the vehicles crumble in different ways.

While most maps will have you destroying the environments in different ways, there’s something refreshing about using the environment to destroy a single thing instead. Seeing how many ways you can flatten a vehicle never gets old.

9 railgun

Teardown provides you with many guns that can shoot through things, that’s nothing new – but what if the gun really shot through things. The railgun will charge up for a few seconds, and then fire a laser that immediately puts a hole through whatever is in front of you, and whatever is in front of that, and whatever- a lot of holes, is the point.

This is just a fun tool to play around with, more than anything else. While not often the go-to for causing a great deal of destruction, aimed at the right supports or through a lineup of structures will never fail to be satisfying. After all, most of these mods aren’t necessary – but you have to admit, you want this railgun. Why not?


Everyone liked trains. The majority of teardown takes place across fun maps to mess around in, but sometimes you want something a little simpler. With this mod, you have access to a map that is nothing more than a train on a looping track around an empty field. You’ll start on the train and can drive it, but there’s yet more fun to be had.

Hop off the train, and you’ll see it goes through a tunnel, around some corners, and across a wooden bridge as it makes its way around the circle. Would be a shame if something happened to it along the way… a lot can go wrong in a tunnel, corners are easy to fall on, and a wooden bridge is ever so slightly flammable. That said, you could just rig the train with explosives and grab the popcorn.

7 Portal gun

Back to some more pop culture references, what tool is more perfect for a sandbox game than the Portal Gun? It works well enough, placing down one blue and one orange portal that you can hop through at your own will. It doesn’t contribute to the destruction as such, but opens up so many opportunities.

Plant your explosives and tools of destruction before using a portal for a quick getaway. After all, you don’t want to get caught in the explosion you’re so carefully setting up. When it comes to manipulating physics, all you need is your imagination – and the Portal Gun, of course.

6 Mjolner

Take up the hammer of Thor and inflict the wrath of the gods upon whatever poor map you happen to be on this time. With this hammer, you are able to call down lightning from the skies and destroy just about anything you’re looking at in a glorious explosion.

While you can’t throw it and recall it back to you, or soar through the skies with it extended, there’s something so satisfying and powerful about having lightning do your bidding. It makes any map or objective incredibly easy, but hey – sometimes that’s what you want.

5 Voxel Plaza

This map is perfect for when you just want to load up a sandbox with mods and cause some chaos. With a decent amount of sizable buildings, a multi-story car park in the middle, and several towering cranes – well, you can only begin to imagine. Imagine, and scheme.

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Yes, you can topple the cranes and watch them rip through buildings. Yes, you can light lobbies on fire and watch each floor catch aflame as it spreads. Yes, you can damage the supports of that oh-so-vulnerable parking lot and watch as it crumbles. Needless to say, if you have some new mods you want to try, this is a good place to start.

4 Meteor Strike

You want to cause destruction? Call in a meteor. With this mod, you can click on something you don’t wish to look at anymore, and lo and behold, it’s not going to be there for much longer. Wherever you were looking will soon be subject to a meteor that has plummeted from the sky, and it’s a glorious sight.

On smaller targets, nothing but a crater will remain. On bigger targets, such as buildings, you will watch as the meteor tears a path into it, and you can see all the way through it afterwards. It’s certainly overkill, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need – you don’t want to just hit it with a hammer, you want it to not be of this realm anymore.

3 BOEING 737

So all of that destruction is fun and all, but why don’t we take this to the next level – the next level being about 30,000 ft. The Boeing 737 map is a unique mod, as it actually consists of multiple maps. The one we’re here to focus on, however, is the plane while it’s mid-flight – you can cause quite the interruption, that’s for sure.

Open the emergency exits and watch as everything – you included – is sucked out of the plane in rapid succession. There’s plenty of fun to be had when trying out all of your tools in such a confined space, high up in the air. Split the plane in half, chuck something in the engines, or detach the wings entirely – or, if you have the meteor mod…

2 North Pine Mall 2.0

Another map that will make your eyes light up with the number of possibilities laid out before you, NorthPine Mall 2.0 features a massive mall for you to run rampant in. There are so many rooms, pretty lights, glass ceilings, vehicles, and important- looking structure-integral pillars.

This is a fantastic map to try out weapons and tools in more of an enclosed space. Whether it be seeing what new ways you can use smaller tools, or if you end up flattening the entire building – well, that’s up to you.

1 Lightsaber

Pop culture makes its way into just about everything, and what better tool to cause destruction with than the lightsaber? This is a satisfying weapon to use, listening to the hum as it glows, or watching it burn through any material like it’s nothing.

This has to take the place of the best mod for Teardown, just because it’s perfect for any scenario. Whether you’re in a city, fighting AT-ATs, or on a plane – pull out the lightsaber and start swinging, all the while chuckling maniacally. Teardown certainly brings out another side to all of us.

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