Tuesday, September 27, 2022

100T control early game to snowball lead over C9, maintain win streak in 2022 LCS Summer Split

100 Thieves are tired of hearing that their games are “boring.” With just one week remaining in the 2022 LCS Summer Split, the team is on their way to potentially ending in first place, showing for another time this weekend that they are still capable of dominant victories.

100T have extended their win streak in the Summer Split to seven games in a row after handily taking down C9. They have already qualified for the LCS Championship, now inching closer to contesting Evil Geniuses for the first-place position and a possible bye past the tournament’s first round.

Outside of Yuumi surprisingly making it past the first ban phase during the draft, C9 shocked fans by near-instalocking Nilah, League of Legends’ newest (and unconventional) ADC champion. This is the first time she has been picked in the LCS, having mixed results in other regions of professional play yet now sitting comfortably in the hands of Berserker.

Yet the power of the newly-revamped Sivir with a Yuumi strapped to her back made it difficult for both Berserker and Zven to make even a slight dent in 100T’s defenses and left them susceptible to ganks and dives from their opponents.

C9 appeared shaky after losing hold of the early game, began to rely heavily on over-engages that quickly burst down Blaber and Jensen. Running from the dashes and movement speed boosts of 100T proved futile for C9 as they continued to struggle with coordinating fights.

Near-complete control of map-wide vision made it difficult for C9 to even sit under their own turrets, thus limiting the ways that C9 could potentially fight back. FBI could continue firing at the enemy champions with barely any response, becoming exactly what 100T needed to win every team fight, secure objectives, and end the game in their favor—ending with a score of 12/0/8.

Similar to yesterday’s loss to CLG, C9 had their momentum completely derailed upon losing hold of the early game, which snowballed into a heavy lead for 100T that was almost entirely uncontested. Should C9 hope to qualify for the LCS Championship, they will need to traverse what have been multiple difficult matches in a row that appear to be taking a toll on the team that looked very different in the first few weeks of the Summer Split.

100T has already qualified for the LCS Championship, though they are continuing to contest what can be a first-place finish for the team come next week, the final week of the 2022 Summer Split. They move on to face FlyQuest, CLG, and Team Liquid—other teams, controlling the top portion of the standings—in week eight, where the teams qualifying for the LCS Championship and their seedings are set to be cemented.

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