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10 Most Huggable Pokemon, Ranked

I’m sure we can all agree that Pokemon have the capacity to be cute and lovable, even the gross or ugly ones. That said, it is an objective fact that some Pokemon are more cuddly than others, whether that be due to their size, their design, or their habits outlined in the Pokedex.

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For the sake of science, let’s break down the most huggable Pokemon. For the purposes of this list, we’ll be defining a “hug” as both arms wrapped entirely around a Pokemon’s body and meeting in the back. You can’t just shove your face in their chests and call that a hug, admittedly awesome as that would probably be.

10 Mareep – Fluffy, But Dangerous

A herd of Mareep in Pokemon

Mareep, effectively being a sheep, is obviously a candidate for quality hugs. Mareep’s wool is so soft that it’s regularly used as material for making clothes, and the Pokemon itself is generally friendly and mild-mannered.

The only problem with Mareep is that, as an Electric type, its wool naturally builds up static electricity, which means attempting to hug it is likely to result in electrocution. If you could hug it without getting electrocuted, though, perhaps with a pair of rubber gloves, it’d undoubtedly be excellent.


9 Vulpix – An Adorable Portable Heater

Vulpix in Pokemon

One of the most popular Pokemon of the first generation, Vulpix is ​​small, cute, and absolutely huggable. Plus, thanks to its Fire typing, its body is always a pleasantly warm temperature, so it makes a great companion for the cold season.

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Though, in the warmer seasons, Vulpix needs to periodically let off small bursts of flame from its mouth to keep its temperature regulated, which means it might not be as safe to hug if you live in a warmer climate, at least not without deliberately aiming its head away from you.

8th Munchlax – Like Snorlax, But Smaller

Munchlax in Pokemon Legends Arceus

When you thought of huggable Pokemon, your mind likely jumped almost immediately to Snorlax. Indeed, Snorlax’s prodigious belly is probably very soft, but unfortunately, it’s simply too big to wrap up in a proper hug, which makes it ineligible for this list. Ergo, the next best choice is its pre-evolved form, Munchlax.

Munchlax is just as cuddly as its evolved state, but with the added bonus that it’s actually willing to stand up and walk around. Of course, you do have to remember to keep it fed…

7 Spritzee – A Flying Scented Pillow

Syringe in the Pokemon TCG

As a perfume Pokemon, Spritzee constantly emits a lovely aroma guaranteed to please anyone in its immediate vicinity. Unlike actual perfumes, the smell that Spritzee releases isn’t too overpowering, as long as it doesn’t eat anything weird, so you don’t need to worry about things like allergic reactions.

This is also why, according to the Pokedex, noblewomen like to carry Spritzees around with them. You get a soft little bird that smells excellent, and smells better yourself for being in its company.

6 Togekiss – A Big Ball Of Happiness

Togekiss standing in Pokemon

Togekiss is said to be a harbinger of good vibes and peace on Earth. Whenever one appears to the people, it brings with it positive feelings, as well as actual gifts! And besides all that, much like its baby form, Togepi, it’s naturally cute as a button.

So to recap, it’s a big, cute, flying egg that brings you free stuff and just naturally makes everyone and everything around it happier. Granted, Togekiss only appears to those with genuinely good hearts, but nobody who wants to hug Pokemon could be a bad person. surely?

5 Sylveon – The Cat That Hugs You Back

Sylveon in Pokemon

All of Eevee’s evolutions are adorable in their own rights, but when it comes to hugging Sylveon has beat them all. Sylveon bonds with its trainer on a deep and personal level; one of its favorite pastimes is evolving them in its prehensile ribbons, almost like a hug of its own.

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In addition to that, Sylveon is a natural empath, able to discern when its Trainer or other Pokemon is in distress. Hugging a Pokemon when you’re down is nice, but it’d be even nicer to have one that hugs you first.

4 Wigglytuff – Quality Fur And Plenty Of It

A nurse Wigglytuff in Pokemon

Wigglytuff’s fur is the stuff of legends. It’s said that if two Wigglytuffs hug each other, they’ll both be so comfortable that neither will want to let go, and the only way to separate them will be with force.

According to the Pokedex, the same goes for humans; once you start that hug, you won’t let go without a good reason, and for the most part, Wigglytuff is content to let you, provided you don’t do anything to deliberately anger it.

3 Cinccino – Luxurious Fur With Health Benefits

Cincino fighting in Pokemon

Possibly the only Pokemon with fur more high-quality than Wigglytuff, Cinccino is, as its name may imply, the Pokemon equivalent of a chinchilla, known for their excellent, exquisitely soft fur.

Not only does the fur have the same tactile sensation as the most luxurious scarves, but thanks to a special oil that Cinccino’s body secretes, it naturally repels all forms of contaminants. This includes the kind of bacteria that causes things like acne meaning hugging a Cinccino is actually fantastic for your skin.

2 Altaria – Cottony Soft With A Free Lullaby

Lillie riding an Altaria in Pokemon

While hugging a Dragon type Pokemon may seem like a bad idea on paper, Altaria is very much an outlier compared to its brethren. It has a very kind, almost parental disposition.

When it becomes friends with someone, be they human or Pokemon, Altaria will embrace them with its fluffy, cloud-like wings, which have a soft, springy feeling like fresh cotton. It will also begin humming in a soft voice, almost guaranteed to lull anyone into a deep, restful sleep.

1 Shaymin – Flowers And Clean Air On Demand

Shaymin in Pokemon

As the legendary embodiment of verdure, not many people would get the opportunity to hug a Shaymin. If you’re lucky enough to hug one, and hug it with proper gratitude in your heart, Shaymin causes beautiful flowers to bloom all around itself, as well as on its body.

Besides the fact that this a beautiful miracle of nature, Shaymin’s flowers also have the ability to instantly purify toxins and pollutants in the air, guaranteeing a source of clean, refreshing oxygen.

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