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10 Most Difficult Bosses In Salt And Sanctuary

As it is with most Soulslike games, almost every boss in Salt and Sanctuary is extremely difficult. They each pose a different challenge and often make anyone adopt a new playstyle or even learn a new weapon just to defeat them

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Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that due to there being such a wide variety of ways to build a character in this 2D action game, not every boss will pose a challenge. Melee players will find certain fights easier than magic and vice versa. However, these bosses are the ones that give the most grief to the most players and require a lot of skill – and a little bit of luck – to beat.


10 The Queen Of Smiles

Most will assume the hardest bosses will come near the end of the game. While this is mostly true, it’s actually the beginning of the game where many people struggle. This is due to the fact that some haven’t quite mastered the skills required or don’t have the top-level equipment to keep them alive and do damage.

Luckily, she’s an optional boss, so you can skip her if you want to. If not, then watch out for the whirlwind charge – it’s this attack that will quickly teach you how to dodge and how battles work in Salt and Sanctuary.

9 The Sodden Knight

In a similar fashion to The Queen of Smiles, The Sodden Knight is a particularly challenging boss to defeat due to how early on in the game they are. They get you when you’re not too familiar with the game and are trying to learn different ways to fight and dodge.

With this boss, you’ll quickly learn to never know what to expect when fighting. For example, sometimes The Sodden Knight will do a double attack when you least expect it, meaning even if you have rolled out the way you could still take another hit. It may be fun but learning that skill, although necessary, can be really frustrating.

8th Third Lamb

With seemingly unavoidable attacks and a deadly second phase, the Third Lamb is one many will die to on more than one occasion. While it depends on the build, you’ll probably want to go melee with this boss as magic seems to be a challenging battle throughout.

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For the Third Lamb, it just seems like you need to kill or be killed. Although there’s only one really difficult attack that could send you right back to trying to defeat him again, master the dodge or get out the way and you should be fine.

7 Kraekan Dragon Skourzh

A lot of the time when fighting a boss in Salt and Sanctuary, you need to be on the defensive. It’s often all about doing their attacks and hitting whenever they leave themselves open. However, when it comes to Kraekan Dragon Skourzh, many will realize that this way of fighting is both ineffective and deadly.

One of the most frustrating aspects of this fight is how he seems to just know where you are at any point. If you manage to roll past his attacks, he sometimes shoots lighting at where you’re going to land. It takes a lot of practice and will probably require you to just keep hitting him before he can do any huge attacks.

6 Mad Alchemist

One of the most challenging aspects of this battle is how manic it can get if you don’t take him down quickly. The beginning of the battle is a little easier which allows you to just go on the offensive and do as much damage as you can in a short amount of time. However, if you can’t quite take him out at the beginning phase, then it’s pretty much a path to your own death.

The Mad Alchemist just makes the battle so busy and so difficult to avoid, that dodging or even doing much damage becomes practically impossible. You have to take him out before he can destroy you.

5 The Nameless God

For some players, the final boss is a little disappointing. He’s not the most difficult boss in the game but is another example of how different builds struggle with different fights. The Nameless God is either down in a few seconds, or it feels like an endless battle, there is no in-between.

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With powerful sword attacks and a grab attack that can mess up anyone’s game, this boss is not one to be let off easily. All you can do is keep dodging and take him down as quickly as possible, which can be easy depending on the build.

4 Murdiella Mal

With some powerful attacks, some unpredictable moves, and the ability to get you into corners and kill you with ease, Murdiella Mal is an extremely frustrating boss to fight. It seems to be either an easy fight for some or an impossible fight for others depending on build, skill level, and just how easy you find it to avoid her attacks.

This battle will likely take you more than one try just to get used to her attacks and how to avoid them – after all, if you get caught in a corner, you might as well start the fight all over again. Also, watch out for her magic attacks because they hit dangerously hard.

3 The Disemboweled Husk

When it comes to most boss fights, they all get a little frustrating, particularly the most challenging ones. However, The Disemboweled Husk really seems to take the top spot of the most frustrating battle in Salt and Sanctuary.

Equipped with some fast and unpredictable attacks, deadly AoE’s, and fire-ranged attacks that are almost impossible to avoid, this battle will get intense. Keep him out of corners, accept that his ranged attack will do some damage, and just keep hitting to take down this annoying enemy once and for all.

2 Tree Of Men

It’s undeniable that the Tree of Men looks like a complicated battle. There’s so much to think about and avoid from this mass of moving parts that it becomes increasingly challenging to manage and hit as the battle ensues. Add a complicated environment, some floors destroyed, and the fact that if you fall off you’ll die, and this becomes one of the most stressful fights in the game.

The best way to go through this fight is to keep moving, stay away from the edge, and just hit whenever you have the chance. Gravity is not your friend in this battle, neither is the fire the Tree of Men endlessly spouts at you.

1 Witch Of The Lake

Anyone who has played Salt and Sanctuary will remember fighting or dying to the Witch of the Lake. It’s the kind of battle that some have done countless times just to try and stay alive longer than a few seconds. Many get a little cocky by the fact she’s alone in an open room, but that’s purely because she doesn’t need the backup.

She’s equipped with multiple attacks that can one hit you. It doesn’t matter if you have your shield up or not, your machine gun-like attacks or heat-seeking death balls will be the bane of your existence. This is the most frustrating and challenging boss battle by far.

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