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10 Best Limited Time Modes

Fortnite doesn’t just ship players to its island on the Battle Bus and force them to fight until one remains. It has implemented quite a few special modes in its time. These limited time modes have their own rules and guidelines, differing greatly from the typical Battle Royale.

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Players are thankful the limited time modes are only limited in the instance they can be played rather than the amount of times they are put into Fortnite. They often come back on a rotating cycle and can offer you much needed relief from the BR.


10/10 barebones

The name Barebones just nearly gives away what the LTM is all about. It acts as though it is the Squads mode, where teams of four with a 100 player limit drop onto the island. The difference is that Barbones removes the majority of the HUD.

While things like materials and the health bar remained intact, so many helpful tools are taken out. The minimap, the compass, damage indicators, the storm timer, players remaining, and much more are stripped from the regular game. It makes for an exhilarating and, at times, terrifying experience.

9/10 lightning

The Blitz LTM has all the fixings of the base Battle Royale, it just made everything way faster. The pace of the game was increased overall. This left those who wandered a bit too long at the edge of the storm or dilly-dallied while looting in serious trouble.

You run faster with your pickaxe out, fly faster with the glider, and are even able to redeploy the glider after jumping from a high point. On top of that, the entire storm pattern ensured the game lasts 15 minutes or less. This is an LTM for high-octane players.

8/10 Infinity Gauntlet

Fortnite has had many collaborations over the years, with a lot of them from Marvel. There are countless skins of different Marvel characters and there have been entire in-game events focused around the crossover. Enter the original crossover and its Infinity Gauntlet mode.

It was like the normal Battle Royale, but the Infinity Gauntlet that Thanos used to wipe out half of the universe’s population was hidden on the island. Whoever found it would become Thanos and gain super abilities such as launching a blast from the Gauntlet. If Thanos fell, another player could swoop in and pick up the Infinity Gauntlet as ground loot. The last one to survive was the winner.

7/10 Close Encounters

Close Encounters is exactly what you might expect. This LTM only allows the use of shotguns. You are able to find jetpacks scattered around the island to maneuver with, but they have a short fuel gauge that often sees players plummet to their doom.

This is one of those rage inducing LTMs that players just can’t get enough of. It was the first LTM to be recycled in Fortnite, proving the community loved the chaos it brought forth. The only downside is that it is littered with low-tier shotguns, so a few lucky players would get the higher-tier ones and dominate.

6/10 Slide

Slide is an LTM that keeps you moving throughout its entirety. Infinite ammo Grapplers are placed in everyone’s inventory. This allows you to zip from location to location or build some speed to catch up to your target.

The tricky part is that every single player’s feet are frozen. Blocks of ice encase your shoes and causing nonstop sliding action. Escaping the storm and opposing players is easy, but it is also easy to overdo it and end up too far into the storm when the circle is near its smallest.

5/10 Marvel Standoff

Marvel Standoff is one of a few respawn-enabled LYMs in Fortnite. It takes the mass of Marvel crossovers and let you act out your superhero fantasies. All players spawn in with a random superpower and are placed in two teams of 15.

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Other superpowers fall from the sky throughout the game’s duration. You can pick them up to add to your superpower arsenal. Each player has three lives and once those are depleted, they are left spectating. The winner is determined by the most talented superpower user who keeps their team standing.

4/10 Pickaxe Frenzy

Pickaxe Frenzy is a team-based Fortnite LTM that has to be won just like the Battle Royale mode. Except with Pickaxe Frenzy, there aren’t any weapons to be found on the island. You only have your Harvesting Tool to smack opponents and Rusty Cans to launch at them.

Some mobility items are available, but the main goal is to chop down every other team and be the last team standing. Materials are limited to ten per person, and healing can be done by using an Emote. This makes Pickaxe Frenzy an all-out brawl.

3/10 one shot

One Shot is an LTM that is playable solo, in duos, or as a squad of four. Gravity is turned way down, allowing everyone to jump high and hit some sick trickshots with the only weapons available in the form of sniper rifles.

Each player is given a lowly 50 HP and all the weapons do much more than that. Hence, the LTM being named One Shot. The Hunting Rifle is the perfect gun to use as it can aim quickly and is accurate from the hip.

2/10 High explosives

Supply drops and chests have more loot, the storm is a bit quicker, and gliders can redeploy. Those are all fun additions, but are completely overshadowed by the main goal of the High Explosives LTM.

This mode is all about blowing people up. Explosive weaponry such as rocket launchers, grenade launchers, grenades, quad launchers, and dynamite are the only way to deal damage. Boom after boom can be heard all across the Fortnite island. You never know when a stray rocket will connect with the wall behind you and take you out.

1/10 Sniper shootout

Any game that has sniper rifles should have a snipers only mode at some point. Fortnite did just that when it released Sniper Shootout. The LTM has rules that are as plain as could be. Be the last person standing like in the Battle Royale, but you can only use snipers.

In team versions of the BR mode, a player can go down but not out with a chance for their teammate to revive them. In Sniper Shootout, that’s removed, giving way to players helplessly watching teammates drop right in front of them. Only the deadliest marksmen earn the Victory Royale in Sniper Shootout.

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