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10 beginner tips for Northgard

Northgard is a fantastic real-time strategy game in which you as a Viking fight for control of a mysterious new continent. You can enjoy a fun adventure in story mode or you can compete against your friends instead.

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Northgard has several different clans to play with, each with different skills and play styles. The biggest challenge of this game is to survive the harsh winters. Learning how to use your resources can be difficult, especially with a limited population to use. With that in mind, here are some beginner tips to help you settle in Northgard.

10 Choose a clan that suits your play style

Details and selection of the Northgard Heidrum Clan

What makes Northgard a fantastic RTS game is its variety of play styles. You don’t just have to destroy your enemies to win the game. You could seek fame, wisdom, or trade victories instead. These victory conditions can help you decide which style of play would be more fun for you.

If you want to focus on wisdom and build knowledge you will enjoy playing as the Slidrugtanni clan. If you prefer to set sail and attack from the coast, you should play as the Huginn and Muninn clan. As you play more you will develop your style so try all the clans and find out what suits you best.


9 Immediately build a lumberjack hut

Northgard - Lumberjack hut is built and a lumberjack delivers wood to the hut

The lumberjack hut is critical to making sure you advance in the early game. Almost everything requires the construction of logs. So if you fail to build a lodge, you can get stuck. It may be tempting to wait until you discover a forest as these are the optimal locations for a lumberjack hut, but you can always move your lumberjacks around later. Your focus should be on getting an excellent supply of wood right away.

In addition to the lumberjack hut, you should also prioritize building a house and a boy scout camp. These are key to expanding your territory and population, so don’t hesitate to build them.

8th Keep an eye on your scout

Northgard - A Boy Scout Camp - A Boy Scout revealing a new area

As with many other RTS games, exploration is key to figuring out your strategy. Consider having two scouts first to quickly unlock the initial environment. After that, you can change the role of a scout to better deploy him elsewhere.

Your scout will automatically start exploring new areas on a whim. However, if you specifically choose which tile to unlock, they’ll sprint to that location, which speeds the process up. Make sure they look for areas that are most beneficial to you. Suppose you have a rough idea of ​​where your enemy is. In this case, you might want to focus on finding a route to your tile rather than sporadically unlocking territories elsewhere.

7th Be selective about expanding your territory

Northgard - Colonize for 20 Food button - A more expensive fertile land costs

Every time you venture into new area, it will cost you some of your food supply. These costs increase with each new area. It can get expensive very quickly, so be selective about where to make claims. You should also avoid buying territory just before winter when you need excess food to survive.

You don’t want to spread your powerful Vikings too thinly as it will make it difficult to defend your land. Gradually expand, but don’t waste all your food supply by expanding into countries that are not as useful to you as others. You can check out what an area has to offer before claiming it. You should prioritize countries with food sources earlier and later countries with unique capabilities.

6th Use silos

Northgard - Food silo near a farm - Food silo near a fishing lake

Beginners need to know that food is essential to survival in Northgard. If you run out of food, your clan will become unhappy and unproductive. Initially, you can only store 500 supplies of groceries. That’s fine for a start, but as the winters get tougher this soon won’t be enough.

Silos are vital. With the limited space you have in each of your territories, make sure you have room for a silo whenever possible. Place them next to farms and fishermen’s huts to speed up the production process and increase your maximum food supply by 300. Food silos should be a top priority, especially if you can upgrade them, as they will also protect your food from rats.

5 Don’t let happiness sink too low

Northgard - Details of the Breakdown of Happiness - The Brewery

Your clan’s morale is an important game mechanic in Northgard. Unlike other RTS games where you can win villagers anytime, Northgard needs luck to allow for gradual population growth. If your clan becomes unhappy, villagers will no longer spawn. Be careful with the happiness tracker because the more you expand and grow, the harder it will be to keep a happy clan going.

The best way to manage happiness is to invest in a brewery. Every brewer gives you two luck. Celebrations are also great as a last resort to increase happiness and all other resources. Use them sparingly. They’ll cost more with each use, so hold back on festivals, especially the first year. There is also no point in doing this in winter as winter cancels bonuses.

4th Provide some villagers for repairs

Northgard - Villagers repair burning buildings

It can be tempting to cast all of your villagers into special roles, but make sure you always have a villager or two around. They are helpful in building and repairing after attacks. If you run out of villagers during a crisis, you can still assign other roles to a villager by sending them to one of your homes.

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If you take over a rival’s territory, his burns will slowly begin to burn down. Also, if you have a villager around, you can quickly send them in for repair so you can use your enemy’s buildings without wasting your supplies on rebuilding.

3 Defense towers do not count towards the construction limit

Northgard Defense Tower - Maximum construction limit

Often you only have three spaces for buildings in a territory. Your defense towers don’t count towards this building limit, however, so make sure you build them whenever you can. They likely don’t have a huge army and they will often raid other areas instead of staying at home. This can make it difficult to defend against random events and attacks. Defense towers are a great solution for keeping your domains safe at all times.

You should place these towers in the middle of a territory. Their range will reach all parts of the zone no matter where they are placed. With a tower in the middle, it will take longer for enemies to reach it and try to destroy it.

2 Be tactical in your battles

Northgard - Vikings Fight Wolves - Warriors are healed

Northgard is focused on Norse mythology, which means that while you are exploring your surroundings, you can often come across quite deadly, fantastic monsters. Fighting in Northgard is relatively easy as all you have to do is choose your army and the zone that you want to attack. But you shouldn’t just let this happen unattended.

Be tactical in your battles by micromanaging your warriors. When a warrior has taken the brunt of the attack, quickly select that person and send them back to your territory to heal while the others move on. Two base healers should be early enough. They have a limited supply of warriors, so it’s important to play it safe and not let them die as often as possible.

1 Upgrade whenever you can

Northgard - Upgraded City Hall and Other Buildings - Knowledge Upgrade Screen

Since you don’t want to expand too quickly in Northgard, making the most of your existing buildings is a great alternative. First, focus on upgrading your resource buildings, such as the lumberjack hut and your hunter’s hut. That way, you can assign more villagers to them and make them more productive.

In such a medieval setting, you will never get complicated technological upgrades for your clan, but that doesn’t mean research and development isn’t still vital. Make sure you have some tutors if you get the chance to develop new skills that focus on your style of play.

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