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10 beginner tips for Broken Age

In 2012, the famous Kickstarter for Broken Age (then known as the Double Fine Adventure Game) was launched. The original game would eventually transform into two games (Broken Age: Act 1 and Broken Age: Act 2), then those two would be merged again into one (Broken Age: The Complete Edition).

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Now Broken Age is inexpensive and available on a number of platforms. This means there has never been a better time to play this hilarious entry into the point-and-click genre. However, before jumping in headfirst, there are a few things you should know before starting your adventure.

10 Scan the screen

Broken Age, Vella explores Meriloft

If you are new to the genre, this is the most important piece of advice you can get. Every time you step into an area you have to scan it first with your eyes and then with your cursor. If something is strange or interesting, try interacting with it.

How to find a number of items, as well as the places where many items can be placed. This is especially important in the first act of the game, where most of the puzzles are about finding an item and getting it to the right place or person.


9 Make full use of all dialog options

Broken Age, Baumitz dialog options

This is not an indication of how to progress through the game or how best to solve puzzles – it sure can help you exhaust all your options, but that’s not the point. The dialogue is what you are here for. It’s extremely sharp and funny throughout. When you play Broken Age you really want to see it all.

Some of the best jokes are wedged in the middle of an entirely optional chain of dialogue. So what if you don’t care about the funny dialogues? Well what that says is that Broken Age is probably not for you. The script is the meat and potatoes of this game.

8th It has an all-star voice actor cast

Broken Age, Elijah Wood Is Shay (from the official Double Fine YouTube channel)

Two of the voice actors in this game were headliners for feature films. Many of the other voices were provided by high-level talent in the industry as well as a range of actors from a wide range of animated films and shows.

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Broken Age is a lot of fun getting into without knowing who is playing whom as you will be constantly trying to determine the voices of the various characters. Broken Age may (then) have been created by an indie studio and crowdfunded by regular Joes, but the cast is impeccable.

7th Sit back and enjoy Act 1

Broken Age Elijah Wood at the mission dinner

Look, Broken Age Act 1 really isn’t a brain-breaking game. The days of LucasArts lunar logic are over for better or for worse. Broken Age has puzzles, but they’re pretty simple for the most part. You’re not really the point. The setting, the characters and the humor are what you are here for.

If you step into the first act and expect to look back on a classic adventure game, you will be disappointed. Take it for what it is, a characterful, fun adventure with an excellent sense of humor. If you’re looking to solve even more satisfying puzzles, Act 2 may be just what you’re looking for …

6th Put on your thinking hat for Act 2

Broken Age, rewiring puzzle

While the first act of Broken Age contains very simple, logical puzzles, Act 2 increases the nonsense and gives us a little taste of the old LucasArts adventure title Moon Logic. Those who felt a little under-challenged by the puzzles of the first act will be much more likely to enjoy the second.

However, if you really appreciate the relaxed first act and you don’t enjoy twisting your mind like a pretzel to understand some strange logic, then you should consider having a guide on hand to make it easy can have a lot of fun with the story and the setting.

5 This is probably important …

Broken Age, grabs an overly enthusiastic squid

If you can interact with something or someone, you need to be careful. It’s easy to miss a detail presented to you on a silver platter. A number of things exist solely as vehicles for a joke, but most of what you interact with has a reason.

Make sure you aren’t ignoring something that might be important to a puzzle later. Write down everything that might not make sense to you at the moment but seem useful later: it probably will.

4th A pen and paper will come in handy

Broken Age, look at a missing poster for Vella

The puzzles are more difficult in act two, but you can help mitigate the difficulty by having a pen and paper nearby. There are a few puzzles where you switch back and forth between Shay and Vella; these become a lot easier when you have a piece of paper to write the information on.

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This will be especially useful when you start rewiring robots (yes, you will do that more than once). Believe us when we say that pen and paper can alleviate a lot of the pain here.

3 It’s not a huge investment in time

Broken Age, Marek looks seedy

If you’re looking for a short game with lots of character, Broken Age might be for you. Even if the entire game, consisting of two acts, consisted of two separate games, it could be completed in about ten hours without any problems. Of course, if you want to get the mood or are at a loss to a series of puzzles, it will take a little longer.

If you play with a guide (because you might just care about the humor) you will likely get it done in about eight years. This makes it a great weekend game or maybe a pallet cleaner for people who have strayed from something that was a bit too long.

2 The second act doesn’t add any new settings for exploring

Broken Age, shows the damaged ship in the second act

At the time of publication, this was the biggest criticism people had of the second act of Broken Age. Not to spoil anything, but in the second act you are moving through the same environments, even though they were all influenced by what happened in the first act.

So if you are expecting a number of different environments, now is the time to adjust your expectations. That being said, there is enough new content in each place to keep things interesting, so don’t let this aspect discourage you.

1 It’s family friendly

Broken Age, yarn people stuck in an ice avalanche

If you’re looking to play Broken Age and are wondering if it’s okay for your kids to see you or you want to introduce them to the adventure game genre, then fear not: Broken Age is perfect for adventurous kids. None of the writing is made for children, so it doesn’t have the terribly condescending tone that some children’s media can have, but there isn’t anything particularly offensive about it either.

You can hear the people in Broken Age refer to the “girl sacrifice” or the “bloodthirsty sentient knife” and worry, but all of this is handled with tremendous ease; there are some dark jokes here and there, but nothing is ever explicit or exaggerated. In addition, the first act is perfect for an introduction to adventure games. Even if your little ones might need your help with the second act.

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